In Kirov, traffic police officers chased a drunk driver who was taking a dog to swim in a pond

In Kirov, traffic police officers detained a drunk dog driver who was taking his pug to swim in a pond. The man did not react to the demands of the police to stop the car, which is why the law enforcement officers had to arrange a chase, but in the end the reckless driver was caught. A source told Life about this.

The moment when the violator was detained was captured on video, the footage was at the disposal of Life. The video shows that the man is really drunk, like his comrades, while he does not understand the claims made to him. Note that the driver did not think about the safety of the dog and after the arrest, at the time of loading the vehicle onto the tow truck, he forgot it in the car.

It is noted that the friends of the would-be dog breeder, having heard that the tow truck had already arrived, got into the car and tried to interfere with the loading. However, the inspector blocked their way and the comrades took things from the car, but forgot the pug there. The dog, after such a carelessness of the owner, tried to hide in the patrol car. The man promised that now he will never sit behind the wheel drunk and will be more caring for his four-legged friend.

The man himself was saddened by the fact that he was stopped, and even gathered a council of relatives who wanted to collect money so that the car would not be taken away. But at the same time, they did not deny that the offender drank and then got behind the wheel.

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