In Kamenskoye, a service dog rushed at drunk vacationers (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

In Kamenskoe, Dnipropetrovsk region, a conflict broke out on the beach. The beach guard made a remark to drunk vacationers, which caused a conflict.

The video of the incident leaked online.

The cause of the conflict is still unknown, but the footage shows how a drunk man conflicts with a guard with a dog. The latter removed the muzzle from the dog, most likely to show the brawler that he was not joking, at the same moment a scuffle took place between him and the vacationer and the dog, trained to defend, grabbed the attacker’s leg with its teeth without a command.

The guard tried to pull the dog away, but other campers pounced on him and knocked him to the ground. Then there was a scuffle on the sand, where people calmed the dog, and the guard defended the animal.

On the Web, there were those who defended the guard and the dog, since the drunk vacationers behaved defiantly, some are sure that the employee of the security company exaggerated his powers and did not need to set the dog on.

Recall that in Lviv, a pit bull attacked a police officer who searched a man on the street.


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