In Jekabpils and Livani, they are looking for young family doctors, offering scholarships / Article

Jēkabpils and Livani are looking for young family doctors, offering scholarships

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Sergey Kuznetsov, Latgale studio of the Latvian Radio-4

In the Jekabpilss region, they are ready to pay a scholarship – 450 euros per month – to medical students undergoing residency in the specialty “family doctor”. According to the conditions, after graduation, a physician must organize a family practice in the region and work for at least three years. This practice of attracting specialists has already worked in the city, but after uniting into one large region, they decided to pay attention to the countryside, explains Aivar Vanags, deputy chairman of the Jekabpils Regional Council.

“There are areas where there are not enough family doctors. In the city we had two family doctors who were paid a stipend, but there is a need for two more. By the decision of the municipality, two more places were added, ”he said.

One specialist, according to A. Vanags, has already wished to work in the region. The local government hopes that in a short time it will be possible to find a second doctor, and in three years they will be able to open a practice.

“When they finish their studies, we will tell where their place of work will be, they agree and that’s all,” says a representative of the municipality.

He noted that earlier the scholarship was 300 euros, but now it has been raised by 150 euros per month.

Also self-management allocates to doctors an apartment and helps with practice opening.

“If this is a rural area, then we definitely help, if in a city, we also help. If there is an application for opening [практики], then self-government, as far as it can, will help [и здесь]. If there is interest, let them call with everyone, we will agree,” Aivar Vanags promised.

The situation is not so rosy in the Lebanese region, where last year they also decided to attract future family doctors with scholarships, says Janis Vaivods, a public relations specialist from the Lebanese region.

“Realizing that many family doctors are near retirement age, the municipality decided to hold a competition to attract young residents with the prospect of working in the Lebanese region. In March last year, they developed the relevant rules and announced a competition. The scholarship is 300 euros for a period of 10 months,” he describes the background of the issue.

That competition lasted until August, but not a single application was received. In the fall, a second competition was announced – it also ended in vain. As a result last year self-management did not manage to involve young experts in medicine.

“At the moment, the rules remain in force and the local government budget for this year provides for funds for scholarships,” said J. Vaivods.

The region is planning to announce a competition once again, and the municipality hopes that this year they will be able to find the right specialist.

“Last autumn, we also applied to the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Latvia and the University of Riga Stradins, trying to persuade the students. We hope this will work. If this time it doesn’t work out, then it will be necessary to revise the rules, look for other solutions, it is possible to increase the size of the scholarship,” the representative of the Lebanese Territory admitted.

As in Jekabpils, in Lebanon they are ready to provide municipal housing for specialists.

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