In Irkutsk, a dog became a foster mother for a leopard orphan | Irkutsk region

A leopard cub became for some time the adopted son of a dog

IRKUTSK, November 28, FederalPress. In the zoo of Irkutsk, a purebred dog became a foster mother for a small orphan leopard. Peace Dog is raising him along with her little puppies. The story and video were published in the Irkutsk Zoo Gallery group on the VKontakte social network.

“The little leopard became for some time the adopted son of Mira and for a long time the half-brother to her children. We will tell the whole complicated story if he moves to the exposition at the Fortuna Zoo not earlier than spring, ”the community promised.

A video of a Shiba Inu dog named Mira feeding a leopard cub along with her puppies was posted to the group on November 27 for Mother’s Day. Previously, the leopard Mao came to the Irkutsk zoo gallery from another zoo in poor condition. The baby has congenital developmental disorders, he needs medical care, maternal warmth and care.

Now the leopard cub lives in the Nature House of Irkutsk. It is practically not shown to visitors. At the same time, a representative of the felines is often filmed on video. Zookeepers promise to periodically show him along with a new foster family.

The Irkutsk Zoo Gallery is home to affected animals abandoned by their owners. Some got there after traveling exhibitions and from other zoos, some were found on the street.

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