in her town they ignored her

A woman traveled between Ayacucho and Lima, 556 kilometers away and 8 hours by bus, to file a complaint against her husband because of the multiple attacks of which she and her children are victims. The woman made this decision after denouncing him five times in her hometown, in the province of Sucre. They never even stopped him there.

According to the Peruvian newspaper La República, the woman has already denounced Donald Ayala Yayire five times at the police station in her town, located in the department of Ayacucho. But the authorities do nothing about it. That is why she requested help to transfer her children to Lima. So he made the decision to travel eight hours to the capital of the country.

The lady emphasized that she has already filed five complaints against Ayala at the Ayacucho police station, but the man does not attend her summons and tries quite successfully to evade them. Now he fears for the safety of his children, since they stayed with him. “On the 1st (July) he mistreated my son and me, psychologically and physically. I am here for fifteen days to help me and support me, ”he said.

Woman complains of authority

The woman complained that the authorities in Ayacucho “are staying, they do not make us respect and that is why I come here, to support me with the complaint that I am making to my husband,” she said in an interview with La República. She said that the Women’s Ombudsman has already taken up her case. Now she hopes that she can be given security and help her move her children to Lima.

“I have lived with him for 12 years and he has always attacked me, I have had complaints from before. In the province of Sucre (department of Ayacucho) the complaint remained. My children are still in Ayacucho. I’m here. I ran away to file a complaint against him. It has up to five complaints, “he added.

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