In France, a plan to revive the economy and … the president


One hundred billion euros to get the country back on track. For everyday Southgerman newspaper, the objective of the recovery plan is twofold: to restart the economy and to offer “A political chance” to Emmanuel Macron.

Seven billion euros for future technologies, 1.2 billion for organic farming, 8.7 to fight against youth unemployment. The list is long of the measures which constitute the recovery plan of which the Prime Minister, Jean Castex, presented the details. If we can still talk about details about such sums. “This plan was designed to propel France into the future, but it must also have an immediate effect”, explains Castex. In total, this stimulus plan represents the tidy sum of 100 billion euros spread over two years.

The project was presented on Thursday [3 septembre] by Jean Castex and a handful of ministers. However, it is Emmanuel Macron – who else? – who is the inspiration. The president has already clearly announced that he intends to make the health crisis a source of favorable opportunities: that of an economic renaissance for France and a political opportunity for him. The social and economic consequences of the recession, however, are barely starting to be felt in France and could cost the economy ten points of GDP this year.

Changing the structures of the economy

“The transformation and modernization of the country must not stop”, Macron said adamantly. This plan is not only intended to revive the economy, it is also to modify the structures of the French economy. This is the Macronian credo of “at the same time”. At a year and a half before the next presidential election, he is


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