In Flers, a girl seriously bitten by a German shepherd in the face

A terrible accident took place on Wednesday, June 9, 2021 in the Saint-Sauveur district in Flers (Orne). A girl was bitten by a dog and taken to hospital.

On Wednesday June 10, 2021, a child born in 2015 was badly bitten by a dog as she ran through the Saint-Sauveur district, in Flers (Orne).

The facts, still unclear, took place at the end of the afternoon of Wednesday, June 10, in the Saint-Sauveur district. A dog, type German shepherd, allegedly attacked a girl born in 2015. The latter was running.

The owner of the injured dog

The dog attacked the child in the face. “This, despite the intervention of the master of the animal who was himself injured,” says Commander Céline Debroise, commander of the Flers police station.

Due to the proximity to the emergency department of the Flers hospital, it was individuals who transported the child to hospital Center. Just like the master of the dog.

So far, no complaint has been filed. Just a handrail at the police station. “You should always be careful with your dog,” recalls Commander Debroise. “Even if it wasn’t a categorized dog, you still have to be alert and careful. “

Recall that the Labrador is the 2e the most biting dog in France.

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