In Étampes, the inhabitants yearn for calm after the incidents on the Île des Loisirs


How to ensure safety at leisure centers in Île-de-France, which are particularly busy in summer? Images of jostling circulated a lot this weekend, they show many young people shouting. The police intervened but on the spot, this incident is far from discouraging the inhabitants.

Some ducks come out of the water, we hear, in the distance, the sound of the expressway. But the leisure island of Etampes, in Essone, is very calm, this afternoon of Monday, August 3, 2020. The weather is surely for many, a few small 23 degrees appear on the thermometer, far from the scorching heat of recent days.

Four friends have just been refused access to the swimming pool. “We need either one person over 18 years with us, or our identity cards “, says one of them. After a tense crowd and the intervention of the security forces on the Etampes site the previous Friday, the Region announced that it wanted to intensify its security system.

Twelve-year-old boys condemn the July 31 incident. “It’s not good, people have to calm downone of them exclaims. What surprises me is that it happened in the swimming pool. Because it’s a place to bathe and have a good time, not to fight. “

The entrance to the Etampes leisure island, where the altercation took place on Friday, July 31, 2020 (NOEMIE BONNIN / RADIO FRANCE)

Among the few other groups or families to come for a swim on Monday afternoon, they are rare to have heard of the stampede. Mano, father of a family from Étampois, takes a walk with his three children. He’s a little angry with what happened. “It sends a bad image, he explains, while we, the inhabitants of Etampes, are used to coming here with our families to relax. “

Mohamed is a mediator on the site. He must explain the rules to swimmers, make sure everything goes well. “There wasn’t really a fight, it was a crowd, describes the mediator. What shocked me the most was the intervention of the police. “

The intervention of the police aggravated the situation. There was tear gas when there were children around.Mohamed, site mediatorto franceinfo

The Île-de-France region, which oversees the leisure islands, chooses the response of firmness, with more people for safety. In addition to announcing that it was going to file a complaint, the community is appealing to the state. She would like police reinforcements on busy days, as is sometimes the case on certain beaches.

Patrick Karam is the Vice-President of the Region, in charge of youth and sports: “We also ask, and this is extremely important, that those who create incidents, those who carry out violence, can no longer enter the sites. And for that, we need an island ban file. recreation, there is a stadium ban file. “

If we had this file, we could, by putting a name on a list, prohibit these people from going to all the leisure islands.Patrick Karamto franceinfo

The use of drones will also be extended. Tests are already underway on some sites and two devices will be ordered. However, it will take a little patience, it is necessary in particular to train agents. They could take up their duties, at the earliest, at the end of August.

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