In Dnipro, a dog bit a man who stood up for a child

A Rottweiler bit a man on Alexander Polya Avenue. Subsequently, the animal was taken by Zoocontrol.

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More about attacking a man

The 38-year-old victim said that he was working near the store and saw a dog attacking a child. Then he interceded, and the dog pounced on him.

As a result, the man received lacerations on his arms. After the incident, he was taken to City Hospital 16.

A woman who was nearby contacted the police about the incident. She said that a Rottweiler was set on her friend.

Also, workers of the communal enterprise “Zoocontrol” were summoned to the scene and took the aggressive dog. In particular, this was required to test an animal for rabies.

What punishment is possible for the owner

According to the “Lviv portal”, if the attack of the animal occurred as a result of the owner’s inaction, punishment is possible. In particular, he can be prosecuted under the article on careless serious or moderate bodily injury. The maximum sentence for her is 2 years in prison.

Another case in the city

  • On June 14, a similar incident happened in the Dnieper on the territory of the Levoberezhny residential area.
  • The Dnepr Now Telegram channel reported that a pack of wild dogs attacked an elderly woman.
  • As a result, the pensioner received a leg wound.
  • The photo shows that, in addition to the bite, there is also a hematoma.
  • Its diameter is about 5-7 centimeters.
  • Whether the victim went to doctors is unknown.

We do not recommend looking at the photo for people with a weak psyche (18+)

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The leg of a Dnipro resident attacked by stray dogs / Photo from the telegram channel “Dnipro now”

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