In Colombia they could give you 3 days of leave if your pet dies

It should be clarified that this initiative also stipulates that citizens who lie about the death of their animals in order to have days off could be sanctioned. File.

If your pet died and you are a Colombian worker, They could give you a few days of leave to face the duel, thanks to the project that classifies the death of a dog, cat or other domestic animal as a domestic calamity.

Thus it was approved, in the first debate, the draft of the Seventh Committee of the House of Representatives you will seek a paid license for the death of a companion animal. Initiative led by the representative of the Liberal party, Alejandro Carlos Chacón.

In this sense, it had been requested that, if the project is approved in the next debates, It will be the companies that determine the time in which an employee can have paid days off to cope with the loss of your pet.

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However, it was said which will be up to three days those that the company yields for these purposes. This determination was made after the representative of the Green Alliance, Mauricio Toro, He assured that more days of that permit would affect the stability of the companies, even more, those that were affected by the closure during the pandemic.

“The worker must inform the employer in writing, at the beginning of the employment relationship or during the same, no later than two days after the acquisition or adoption of the animal, that within their family nucleus there is a domestic pet ”, reads the document where details of the project are given.

It should be clarified that in this initiative also It is stipulated that citizens who lie about the death of their animals in order to have days off could be sanctioned. In addition, it only applies to domestic animals and the law would not contemplate wild or exotic species.

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The main argument of this project is that pets are not only animals, but are currently considered as members of families, Therefore, their deaths could affect their owners at a mental and psycho-affective level due to the emotional bond they have with them.

Please note that, if approved, you must provide proof to your employer that the animal did die; either through a death registration document or with other documents that support the situation.

During the debate there were also criticisms. From the Democratic Center it was ensured that the number of times a person could access this benefit, Well, if you have several pets, you could request this license repeatedly. This was made known by the representative of that community, Jairo Cristancho.

However, the speakers mentioned that this permission it would be given once annually and would cover two pets per employee. It is worth mentioning that with this possible law it is also sought that workers have a record to determine the details of the animal and that with that it is easier at the time of processing the license.

For now, the project is in the first debate and it still has a long way to go to become law: it will have to face 4 debates, both in the Chamber and in the Senate and later it will be the president who sanctions it so that it becomes operational.

As he told the newspaper Time the veterinarian Gabriel García, “Many pets are emotional support or help guardians as a guide dog, among others”.

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