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The association is still young but seems to be growing. Dog training is on the rise in Coëtmieux?

Émilie Mittelbach, President and State-certified behaviorist educator: “In terms of numbers, Love Dogs has grown a bit, but not that much. What has changed since the opening in 2019, and especially the confinements, is attendance. Members come on a much more regular basis. They need it, surely. And the dogs too. The animals suffered from not seeing many people, this is visible for everything relating to the socialization of the youngest, to the management of fright… So we had to add an additional course. And a fourth is in the works. The ideal would be to be able to duplicate the one for beginners. Take the less than 6/7 months on one side and the older ones on the other. And we also imagine new activities ”.

The sessions bring together around ten dog-handler couples every Saturday. (The Telegram / Nicolas Salles)

Maybe people have more dogs too?

“It is true that the SPAs were quite empty last spring. But, when it came to returning to work, some may have had a few surprises … Between being present all the time and leaving your dog alone for part of the day, the behavior of the animal obviously changes. Hence also, perhaps, more demand. But what remains important is that the handler-dog couple feel good, to work well. And that we adapt to them. It is positive education ”.

The club welcomes all breeds of dogs
The club welcomes dog lovers and their animals (all breeds and ages). (The Telegram / Nicolas Salles)

Is that why you are investing in training?

“It seems very important to us. Already know what we’re doing. I took a state diploma with this in mind. And other members are forming too. Above all, it allows us to know what type of education we want to promote ”.

We want family dogs, not working dogs.

“With us, it works a lot for the reward, treat or caress. No violence, simple collars… We want family dogs, not working dogs. And the behavioral aspect is also important. There are always two of us on a session. But now I have an eye to understand things faster, to provide what the owner and the dog need ”.

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