In Brest, the State releases €600,000 for young people from Bellevue and Keredern – Brest

Visiting this Saturday, January 29, in Grenoble, to take stock of the government’s action in the direction of the districts, the Prime Minister, Jean Castex, announced the creation of 74 new educational cities in the disadvantaged districts. And good news, Brest is one of the recipients. At the end of the day, a substantial envelope from the State, of around €200,000 minimum per year for three years. These credits will make it possible to support school and extracurricular actors, but also neighborhood structures and specialized educators, in cultural, sports, health actions, and, of course, in the fight against school dropout.

“The initiative will begin in Bellevue and Kérédern, where many partners had mobilized to bring this candidacy”, informs Brest deputy Jean-Charles Larsonneur, who was the first to disseminate the information. Asked by us, Émilie Kuchel, the city’s educational policy assistant, also welcomes “excellent news for the young people of Bellevue. “She regrets, however, “that we had to wait three years, the date on which we had applied, with the sub-prefecture and National Education”, to finally win this label of Educational Cities.

“Extremely concerned parents”

Deputy of the presidential majority, Jean-Charles Larsonneur, he is not choosy. He welcomes this invigorating announcement for the benefit of priority neighborhoods in Brest, hard hit in the past two weeks by the rise in urban violence. “I had the opportunity to highlight the significant resources deployed by the State in terms of security. But everyone is well aware that living better in our neighborhoods requires substantive work centered on civic-mindedness and education, from an early age, with the players in the field: parents, associations, extracurricular workers, social workers, schools, colleges and communities, with the support of the State”.

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Friday, in the district of Quizac, the deputy Jean-Charles Larsonneur collected the testimony of parents and grandparents worried to see young people of the district sometimes left to themselves until very late in the evening. (DR)

The Brest parliamentarian indicates that he went, this Friday, January 28, to the inhabitants of the Quizac district, rue de Fougères. “Parents and grandparents, concerned for their children and extremely concerned about the development of young people in the neighbourhoods, have told me of their difficulty in supporting children who are often in great social distress. This is why I am delighted that Brest is now hosting, thanks to the support of the State, an educational city whose objective is precisely that: to improve the conditions of education in underprivileged neighborhoods. The initiative will begin in Bellevue and Keredern, but the scope may evolve”.

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