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Photo: Press service of the administration of Belogorsk

AvtoDorSfera, within the framework of the concluded contract, began to sterilize stray dogs that were brought from the streets of the city.

– On June 17, a contract was signed for catching and keeping animals without an owner. Since the 20th, 9 individuals have been sterilized, of which three are males. There are 97 individuals in the sector of temporary keeping of neglected animals,” says Oksana Kiparisova, an AvtoDorSfera specialist.

Males and females are kept separately in enclosures. However, some animals were brought in already pregnant.

“Naturally, puppies will soon be born in such dogs,” she noted. ― Which employees of the enterprise feed and care for them. Puppies will be spayed when they are 6 months old. Sterilization takes place in a veterinary clinic. We take two dogs a day. They stay there for a day and then we bring them back. We keep in a separate enclosure according to all the rules and regulations. After 20 days have passed, according to the contract, all sterilized dogs will be released into their natural habitat, in the places where they were brought from.

As soon as the enclosures are vacated, the acceptance of dogs from the residents of the city and the capture of homeless animals by the enterprise will be resumed.

Residents of Belogorsk can help — a special account with a QR code has been issued to raise funds for food. Special stickers are placed in crowded places of the city, the press service of the mayor’s office reports.

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