In Barvenkovo, a local resident, together with a veterinarian, takes care of 100 abandoned dogs at once

Volunteers of the organization “Save Animals. Kharkiv”. Today they helped to evacuate a dog with puppies from Barvenkovo.

“A dog was taken to Barvenkovo ​​with four puppies, which are taken care of by veterinarian Vladimir and a local woman Natalia. After the active phase of shelling, many left the city. Since then, these wonderful people have been taking care of abandoned animals. They take care of about 100 dogs and cats,” the volunteers said.

Kharkiv animal rescuers gradually take out four-legged animals from Barvenkove and send them for further “adoption”.

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“Puppies – 2 boys and 2 girls. You can already book,” the volunteers added.

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