In a seaside village, a pack of dogs can attack children

A resident of the village said that stray dogs walk near the local school


In the Danube urban-type settlement, which is located in the ZATO Fokino, a pack of stray dogs runs around the school grounds. A local resident drew attention to the barking of dogs and expressed concern about the children studying at the school. Primorye residents offer solutions to the problem in the social network, reports RIA VladNews with a link to primorye_online.

A pack of dogs was caught on a video that the author published in one of the regional publics. A group of animals is visible in the distance, while their barking can be heard on the video.

“Veteranov Street, 5. Dogs, near the school. There are children walking, and rather big dogs. Be careful”, – said in the video a resident of the village.

According to Primorye, dogs pose a threat to local schoolchildren:

“It’s scary to send children to school unaccompanied, maybe someone will already start doing, and not just talking about shelters?”, the man added.

Primorye expressed their opinion on what to do in such a situation:

“You need to bring the tiger to the village”;

“They used to shoot stray dogs, now they are protected”;

“Do not throw animals out into the street – and there will be no pack.”

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