Improvement works in the Tierra Blanca animal shelter to prevent flooding

A moment of the refurbishment works at the Tierra Blanca Animal Protection Center.

The Tierra Blanca animal shelter, located at Finca La Valeria, within the southern municipality of Fasnia, it has closed its doors while improvement works are being carried out to prevent the floods that in the last month have affected the center’s infrastructures twice. First, the storm Filomena, at the beginning of January, and then, last week, the trough in the vicinity of the Archipelago, have caused heavy rains that have left the spaces where the dogs are concentrated in poor condition. The closure was necessary to face this remodeling with full security guarantees.

The Animal Protection Center, dependent on the Cabildo, communicates the circumstance of the closure through social networks and Radio Club Tenerife has echoed it. They warn from the shelter that “Adoptions will continue to be processed and will be adapted to ensure safety.”

For the time being, the temporary closure will remain “until further notice” and the possibility of processing adoptions is maintained, adapting to the circumstances.

The aforementioned adverse atmospheric phenomena left heavy rains on the Island. The water flooded the cages of the animals in both cases. On the first occasion, as reported by the island councilor for Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, Javier Parrilla, “The dogs that were temporarily in a fenced enclosure were transferred to the main hall.” In this case the shelter remained open. Now it has been closed to face improvement works. Some animals have been rehoused “with veterinary indications to guarantee that there are no behavioral problems,” clarifies Parrilla, in other shelters such as El Ravelo, in the municipality of El Sauzal.

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The counselor understands the concern of the people who, after the rains, have shown their concern on social networks and recalls that “this situation arises because we are carrying out works to improve the unfortunate installation that we find ourselves and the importance of such works”

Half a million euros

The first phase of these works in Tierra Blanca have consisted of conditioning the main hall to accommodate more dogs, which have been housed in temporary cages. Now the construction of a new enclosure will be undertaken, with a total area of ​​1,061.68 square meters, including the exercise yards. This new ship will have the possibility of housing between 56 and 120 dogs, depending on the size, size and sociability. The total works of the entire complex will involve an investment of almost half a million euros. Parrilla recalls that “this island property protection center, which is managed by Tragsatec, provides support to municipalities that do not have the means to shelter pets.” Currently there are almost 300 dogs in the center, “The lowest figure recorded since its opening”, according to Padilla who highlights that “the shelter had not been adequately invested for years to ensure that, when exceptionally these rains fall, the cages do not flood.

Parrilla concludes: “This government team has been fully aware since it arrived from the state in which Tierra Blanca is located and that is why the works that CC has never done since 2013 are being carried out now.”

On the other hand, a score of animal protectors on the island are preparing “a complaint against the state of Tierra Blanca.” A campaign to collect signatures has also been promoted on the platform that in this case calls for the resignation or dismissal of Javier Parrilla “due to the disastrous management of the Animal Protection Center.”

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Some of these animal associations of Tenerife met a few days ago with the Deputy of the Common, Rafael Yanes, to send him their complaint for “the unfortunate conditions in which the animals of Tierra Blanca are found “. Yanes met specifically with the director of the Platform against Animal Abuse, Dácil Darias, the lawyer specializing in animal abuse in Tenerife, Francisca Gutiérrez, and the president of the Association for the Defense and Protection of Animals of the Canary Islands (ADEPAC), Yahaira Tovar . The representatives of these groups assure that “the hygienic-sanitary conditions contemplated in the regional law are not met and that there are lack of protocols in the center. They also insisted that the recent floods “may be striking, but they are not the only serious faults that occur in the center or the first.”

They also ask “to stop the collection of animals in this center due to the lack of material and economic means, as well as inspections, which lead to non-compliance with the care of animals not in a timely manner, but repetitively.”

The Common Deputy promised to investigate this case and request a report from the Council of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries of the Cabildo de Tenerife on the situation in Tierra Blanca.

Criticisms of the opposition

Both CC-PNC and the PP express complaints “about the situation in Tierra Blanca.” The nationalists accuse the PSOE of “lack of transparency in the management” and support the Common Deputy to investigate. The counselor, Antolín Bueno, values ​​“the work of professionals and volunteers”. He also criticizes that the Insular Council for Animal Protection and Welfare has not been convened since February 2020 “and should meet at least three times a year.”

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Finally, the spokesperson and the councilor of the Popular Party in the Cabildo, Zaida González and Valentín González have visited the shelter this week. The PP has asked the Cabildo for information on the hygienic and sanitary conditions of the animals, if there is any collaboration agreement with the municipalities that make use of the facilities, in addition to what is the protocol for the rescue.


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