Images are flipped (outside and inside) of the new Ford Maverick

Ford prepares to introduce the new Maverick The next Tuesday, but apparently the first images were ahead of the launch, since unofficial photographs saw the light before time.

The Maverick Truck Club forum released several captures that reveal what the new model will be like on the outside and inside. Beyond not having a very good sharpness, the photos help us to give an idea of ​​what we can expect next week.

In addition, among the details to take into account, at least one version of the compact Mexican pick-up will be a hybrid, since it has a badge on the lid of the box that indicates the mechanics it has. It remains to be seen if it is a motorization already known as Kuga or it will be a completely new impeller.

In turn, we can expect all-wheel drive, panoramic roof, one of the best dimensions in the segment, a complete multimedia system with a generous inch screen, gear selector in the form of a knob (as the new models of the brand usually have), window on the rear window, similar to the next generation Ranger with C-shaped lights, among others.

Then, look at the new images without any camouflage.

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