Image of the day: the famous dog from the movie I Am Legend

The film “I am a legend” was released in 2007. Francis Lawrence, the director, chose Will Smith to embody the hero of his feature film. Left to his own devices, in a completely abandoned town, he can count on his faithful friend: his dog, Sam.

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The synopsis of the film I’m a legend is the following: Robert Neville was a world-renowned and high-level scientist, but it would have taken more to stop the ravages of this incurable and terrifying virus of human origin. Mysteriously immune to evil, Neville is today the last man to haunt the ruins of New York. Perhaps the last man on Earth… For three years, he broadcasts every daily radio messages in the hope of finding other survivors. No one has yet responded. But Neville is not alone. Mutants, victims of this modern plague – we call them the “Infected” – prowl in the darkness… observe his slightest gestures, watch for his first mistake. Become the ultimate hope of humanity, Neville devotes himself entirely to his mission: to overcome the virus, to cancel its terrible effects by using his own blood. Will his countless enemies give him time? The countdown is almost over…

I Am Legend ©Warner Bros.

Will Smith isn’t the only star in the film. Indeed, the latter is accompanied by a magnificent German shepherd named Sam. This other star turns out to be in reality a female who is called Abbey and who is 3 years old during the filming. the female dog was found in a California kennel by animal manager Steve Berens. As a result, it was specially trained for I’m a legend. Will Smith was immediately moved by the dog. Together they share many scenes, often poignant, sometimes funny and then absolutely heartbreaking. The leader of the company “Animals of Distinction” was pleasantly surprised by this beautiful meeting, he explains:

When you work with the actors, you see that they’re not really interested in the animal, a lot of them just see it as something the audience is going to watch for them. But Will wasn’t like that at all. He understood that she was his co-star, and invested himself fully in his relationship with Abbey, working with him was a great experience.

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