“I’m not a dog” and refuses electronic bracelet, arrested

ROME, AUG 7 – “I don’t consider myself a dog”. Thus a 44-year-old from Cave, a center in the province of Rome, replied to the carabinieri who had to apply the electronic bracelet to him in execution of a measure of prohibition of approaching his ex-wife issued by the investigating judge of Tivoli for the crime of stalking. In light of the suspect’s reaction, the Arma military requested and obtained the aggravation of the precautionary measure and the man was taken to prison.

In the motivations, the judge recognizes that the forty-year-old has “an inability to comply with the precepts of authority” and the presence of “a symptomatic index of the suspect’s negative personality”.

After having refused the application of the bracelet and although “hit” by the prohibition of approaching the woman and the places frequented by the same, the man would have continued to bother the victim even at the home and workplace of the woman, demonstrating a certain “inability to self-control”.