Ille-et-Vilaine high schools particularly affected


The coronavirus epidemic is starting again and it is also affecting young people a lot. In Ille-et-Vilaine, the virus has already reached 33 establishments including 18 high schools. Some teachers do not hide their concern. “I hesitate every day to come. It’s not at all reassuring, it’s extremely scary“, testifies Catherine Caillebot, professor of letters at the Lycée Bréquigny in Rennes.

On the student side, some try to keep their cool. “We hear about it but we must not fall into psychosis either, otherwise we will not be able to finish the year“, estimates a high school student. In addition, a high school in the department, in Redon, had no choice but to close its doors on Wednesday, September 9. In total, 1000 students will have to follow distance learning courses, for the safety of all.

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