“If they do not get vaccinated, they should consider reorientation”

“I don’t think we can force anyone to be vaccinated, but we can force people who are in contact with sick people to be vaccinated. This does not appear to me to be problematic from an ethical point of view ”, had recently advanced Professor Michel Moutschen, head of the infectious disease department of the CHU de Liège, in an article published on the Specialist and Medi-Sphere websites. ” It’s a duty. If members of the healthcare staff do not wish to be vaccinated, they should consider a reorientation of their professional activity. This is true for both nurses and physicians. “

Regarding the survey, the results “allow us to identify a strong trend even if it is not, however, a scientific survey”, underlines Le Spécialiste.

It is mainly French-speaking doctors (57%) and men (50%), who answered “no” to the question of compulsory vaccination among caregivers in hospitals, against 31% for women.

All gender and regions combined, the doctors who are against the vaccine obligation are found in the majority among people aged 46 to 65 years (51%). “An exception anyway among francophones where it is in the 36 to 45 age bracket that we find 41% opposition to the obligation,” says Le Spécialiste. “Among the supporters of the ‘no’, we find 58% of doctors who are not fully vaccinated but also 42% who are,” he notes.

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“These results do not surprise me. It is shocking that some members of the nursing staff do not currently want to be vaccinated in certain health facilities, ”reacts Paul d’Otreppe, president of the Belgian Association of Hospital Directors (ABDH), questioned by the Specialist.

“In the field, we notice that every week caregivers change their minds and get vaccinated. The main problem today is the nursing home clusters. There is a lower vaccination rate. In Flanders, they achieve a 90% vaccination rate in hospitals. On the French-speaking side, we are more in the 80% in hospitals and 70% in nursing homes, ”he continues.

For his part, Dr Philippe Devos, president of the Belgian Association of Medical Unions (ABSym), says he does not understand the motivations of the members of the nursing staff who have not yet been vaccinated. “To doctors who still have doubts, I remind you that the doctor must always reduce the risk for his patient. “

At the level of the Order of Physicians, the vice-president, Dr Philippe Boxho, “insists that doctors be vaccinated and respect scientific data when giving an opinion”. He adds that doctors who formulate untruths about vaccines can be prosecuted: “there have already been three convictions in the north of the country with several months of suspension of the art of healing”.


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