If the agreement with Di Maio does it he is a “contract”, if instead Cav. it’s a “mess”


What was previously called “contract” now becomes “mess”. And what previously took on the heroic dimension of “government of change” is now only murky “ambiguity”. And viceversa. Words, said Prezzolini, are among our enemies, because they betray us as ambassadors and deceive us as interpreters. In practice they are at the service of those who want to use them. And often they conspire with action, to the detriment of understanding. So, as everyone knows, the other day Matteo Salvini he was scandalized why Silvio Berlusconi, apparently, he was perhaps willing to do now what the secretary of the League had done before: that is, shake the hand of the Five Stars, who knows, also play at governing with them, end up saying that “I feel Di Maio more than mine mum”. It happened just two years ago, when Salvini was a candidate leader of the center-right coalition but then immediately afterwards he broke it to form a government with his opponents. “Inciucio” or “act of responsibility”? It depends. In fact, the ease with which, when others want to practice them, the broad understandings lose their vagueness and become more than carnal (“crowded”) or end up acquiring a hint of courtyard gossip: “Inciucio”, precisely. Thus the desire to intrigue, mess and in any case deal under the table suddenly becomes responsibility and fatigue, or vice versa, the sense of responsibility and the fatigue of politics become intrigue and horror. From all this one could perhaps derive, more generally, an essay on language that does not resemble the things it names and that it is no longer even the old and famous “saying not to say and not to say to say” that made the fortune of the First Republic.

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