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Cairo, November 25, AZERTAC

Violence against women and girls is a real obstacle to building prosperous and developed societies where there is peace and knowledge. Indeed, women and girls still remain vulnerable, due to armed conflicts, forced displacement, natural disasters and exclusion from school. Aware of the role of women in the balance of societies and in the preservation of their identity, values ​​and mental health, the Islamic World Organization for Education, Science and Culture (ICESCO) calls for the strengthening of societal mechanisms , national and international to guarantee the protection, the right to education and the empowerment of women and girls as well as to develop their leadership capacities.

On the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women (25 November), ICESCO warns that despite international efforts to fight this scourge, the figures announced by the UN Woman are worrying. These figures indicate that 736 million women worldwide, or 1 in 3 women, are exposed to domestic and / or non-domestic violence at least once in their lifetime, and that the socio-economic and psychological repercussions of the pandemic of COVID-19 on families has increased the vulnerability of girls and women.

In order to address this phenomenon, and achieve real and tangible progress in the protection of women’s rights and their empowerment, ICESCO calls on the international community to redouble its efforts to protect women and guarantee their rights. She also called on them to face the negative repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic on women, who have been on the front line of defense in the face of this crisis, and to ensure the strengthening of their roles, as decision-maker and contributor. sustainable development, with the aim of meeting the challenges at the educational, health, scientific and socio-cultural levels.

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Likewise, ICESCO reaffirms the particular interest it attaches to the protection of women’s rights, as part of its vision and new action strategy, through the proclamation of 2021 of ICESCO’s Year for Women. , with a view to raising its status and strengthening its role in building a prosperous society, through the fight against all forms of injustice against women, the establishment of lasting peace and the comprehensive psychological, social and economic support systems in place.

ICESCO also affirms that it continues its efforts to strengthen cooperation with Member States, organizations, agencies and international institutions to eliminate all forms of violence against girls and women, strengthen their role in as actors of peace, and develop their contribution to the achievement of sustainable development. (ICESCO)

AZERTAG.AZ :ICESCO calls for strengthening mechanisms for the protection, education and empowerment of women and girls

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