İBB President İmamoğlu: “We will never allow this”

İBB President Ekrem İmamoğlu answered journalists’ questions about the agenda. Imamoglu answered the question about whether the citizens participating in the “Participatory budget project” had “crazy projects” through “Kanal Istanbul”.


Pointing out that 2 million more people are wanted to be settled in Istanbul with the canal project, İmamoğlu said, “Istanbul cannot tolerate such a thing. You don’t ask Istanbul’s main institution, IMM. You ignore the lawsuits. We will not waste the money of the state and the nation. We will not allow them to destroy Istanbul. You can never draw a line in such attempts. It always grows. It’s a virus. It finds and continues. It’s not just 2 million. It means millions of people. Istanbul does not have such a volume, it has no capacity. We will never allow this. Because now we are talking about the future of Istanbul with the people of Istanbul. We also ignore a method that applies what one person says in a closed room. It is null and void. Their political life will not be enough” used the phrases.

The highlights of İmamoğlu’s speech are as follows:


“I think the Provincial President talked about the news. Because the process related to the subjects is a process that is completely different from what they say. First of all, let me state this: The process related to 39 corruption files; you know, the files were seized by the inspectors to whom the Ministry of Interior was sent. Here, we have not been deficient in the mechanism for filing a criminal complaint. We also made announcements about it over time. Well, we’re filing a criminal complaint, but this doesn’t mean anything if no action is taken. All of the people you’re declaring are civil servants. When you become a civil servant, the processes that either the Ministry or the Governor’s Office must give permission, that is, when the prosecutor’s office applies there, must come into play. So it’s like this: a department, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the inspector, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Governor’s Office… Such a vicious circle.

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All of these 39 files that we want to intervene are in this vicious circle. The ball is spinning, so to speak. Or not translated; it stays where it is and the process does not run. Since he is making such a bold move, I am calling the Provincial President from here to do what is necessary for our criminal complaints. Or, let them take steps to return the files to our municipality so that these files can be examined more freely. Let it be done the way it was done in the past. Let these utterances be filled.”


“The second is the issue of refunds. This is also wrong information. Missing information. Unfortunately, nearly five million liras of Istanbulites’ money has been blocked in the account for over a year. It’s a shame, it’s a sin. That 5 million lira would be the salve for the immediate wounds of perhaps thousands of people that day. This is blocked. Intentionally blocked. It was blocked by a political mind. Now, ‘No sir, to whom was it returned?’ So this is already blocked. Nothing was returned to us. The money is in the account. Was it returned to the donors? There is no such thing. Because the money is in the account. That’s how the decision stands. Moreover, the citizens entrusted their money to us. We used it -it was over 6 million liras- at that time and distributed it. We distributed it in cash. Then let them file a criminal complaint, judge us if I did something wrong. It’s been a year.

Let them judge us. Neither in this world, nor in the next world, nor those who signed the act will be held accountable because of the 5 million standing in those accounts. They are eating right now. Why? They eat in two ways: They are guilty before the conscientious moves of the citizens who want to donate. Again, they are guilty of not reaching them, which will be a balm for a wound of the citizens in need. It’s that clear. The public conscience has decided this matter. I also recommend it to Mr. We promised each other. I said that when there is a matter, we should contact each other to get information, to ask something, to make a request. As you know, I visited him. We are always welcome. Let them come and we will host. Plus, they want information about such matters that they do not know; Our phone is always on. We enjoy giving him information; As we enjoy giving to the 16 million citizens of Istanbul.”


– There is the subject of the logo changed by the Ministry of Transport’s subways, and a lot of images are shared about the broken buses on social media. There are claims that the maintenance and repairs of the buses that are broken and left on the road are not done, and that the company that won the maintenance and repair tender is the financial advisor of a CHP deputy. Are these claims true? Why do these buses break down so much?


“Such an interesting attempt to deceive the citizen. So when does this come into play? What about a loan approval for a bus purchase, a loan approval unanimous from the parliament, why wait in the Presidency for nearly a year? Or does anyone mind melting into this? Istanbul has to renew its fleet. Because it has been neglected for years. My brother is the old bus. Recently, they are as surprised as the ignorance of publishing a bus fleet waiting in warehouses, which was in their time useless and unfortunately containing a large corruption file, as ‘buses waiting for repair’. In that respect, why has our loan request for a bus purchase been put on hold for a year? Let alone hundreds, look, the process of renewing thousands of buses needs to be introduced in Istanbul gradually. Because, at least, those who managed the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality in the past, which has forgotten to manage Istanbul for ten years, back from 2019, turned into a community that strives to “What can I do on which corner”. This mind and those in it are trying to mislead the facts by deceiving these things and making people say, ‘Look here, don’t look there’. Those who have plenty of time are also busy with vain chores, ‘Is it M or U?’ Unfortunately, there are people who deal with vain jobs and even people who go from here to there and deal with these jobs.”

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