“I wish ‘I will resist’ is no longer heard. It would be a good sign ”


The song by the Dynamic Duo ‘Resistiré’ has served as Almodóvar’s soundtrack, as a rebellious cry in Argentina due to the economic crisis, as an inspiration for soccer players and now as a hymn of hope against the Covid-19.

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I will resist, erect in front of everything.
I will turn from iron to harden the skin.
And although the winds of life blow strong,
I’m like the reed that bends
but it still stands

Manuel de la Calva, member of the Dynamic duo, he is excited every time on television he listens to the verses of his’I will resist ‘ turned into an emotional shot against this cursed bug. He composed the song 32 years ago as a declaration of strength and hope, and despite himself has become the hymn of a war that, he says, “is already close to winning.” (Rozalén, David Bisbal, Sofía Ellar, Melendi, Pastora Soler, Álvaro Soler, India Martínez, Rosana, Andrés Suárez, Manu Carrasco, David Otero or Mikel Erentxun. They are some of the voices and musicians who have participated in the new version of the song whose lyrics were composed by Carlos Toro and music by Manuel de la Calva).

Resisting is winning …

Yes, from that reflection the topic arose. The most important thing to compose is to have a clear idea of ​​what you want to tell. When we were young and many fifteen-year-old fans followed us, we had the idea to make a song for them and we composed My love is fifteen. In this case, I remember that one day I wondered what I would do if it were dusty, if everything painted black. Well resist, I told myself. Later, I heard Camilo José Cela on television saying something similar: “Whoever resists, wins.” That already prompted me to start working on music. I spoke with my friend Carlos Toro, a journalist and a great lyricist, and I gave him the musical arrangement and the ideas he had about the lyrics: to resist was to be like a junk that always stands … The result was a great song.

Pedro Almodóvar was enthusiastic.

It is true. Shortly after releasing the album, he asked us to include it in the soundtrack of his film. Tie me up. A person from our record company calls me and tells me that Almodóvar wants to have her anyway and he, in return, has asked her not how much money. I replied that maybe we had to pay him to use it because the promotion would be fabulous. At the end of the film, Loles León, Antonio Banderas and Victoria Abril appear singing it. It gave him the final boost.

Back then it was an inspiration, even outside of Spain, wasn’t it?

I will resist It has become a cry of strength for many people when it has been through difficult times, and it was for many Argentines who sang it during the corralito, with the terrible economic crisis they suffered in 2002. Then they made a television series called too I will resist, one of the most viewed in the history of that country, and with the song as a soundtrack. The truth is that they have asked us for everything, even for a soccer team. A Betis coach gave it to the players every morning to motivate them.

Resisting is also not losing hope, the best message against disease.

Estela Raval, the singer of Los Cinco Latinos, died of cancer and during the last tour she made she left this song for the end as a declaration of hope that she wanted to share with her audience. Also a few years ago, an association against childhood cancer used it for a long time to encourage families. And on another occasion, the director of a hospital in San Sebastián de los Reyes contacted me to ask me to visit them because there was a group of patients who wanted to sing the song to me. There I went and I found 300 people singing a cappella I will resist. It was very exciting.

I guess as exciting as listening to it these days from the balconies turned into a national anthem …

Hopefully it would not be heard because it would be a good sign, it would mean that we have overcome the pandemic. Of course, I am moved. I like to think that it serves to alleviate the suffering of many and to breathe energy into those who despair. He comes to tell us to stop fooling around and help this to be over with. The only problem I see is that maybe it is sounding too much, because when something is repeated a lot, people get tired. In any case, the safe message that remains. Let’s resist!


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