I will keep my father’s promise to give half of what I get to the poor: Santosh Pandit

Thiruvananthapuram: Santosh Pandit has made a name for himself in the Malayalam film industry by making his own films. News and controversy are constantly following Santosh. The controversy over his recent participation in a private channel program continues. Despite the controversy, Santosh is preparing for the release of his new film.

In an interview with Santosh Pandit Manorama, he said, “I will keep my father’s promise to give half of what I get to the poor. I have my own film to tell, but those who don’t have it are criticizing me. He added that it is difficult to succeed and that it is even more difficult to maintain that success.

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‘Did Santosh lose because he thought no channel had ever taken a satellite of my film? What if the channels do the same with a superstar? They’re out of the field! Santosh will not be defeated by this. I will make a profit and keep my father’s promise that I will give half of what I get to the poor. I understand the minds of the people and give them what they want and succeed. Those who are jealous of it will continue to shed it. ‘ Says Santosh Pandit.

‘I have at least one film of my own to tell. Those who do not have it criticize me. Jealousy is not the answer to anything. It is difficult to succeed. It’s harder than that to sustain that success. I give a chance to a hundred people in my movies. A lot of new girls are asking for the opportunity. We try to help those who can. ‘ Santosh Pandit clarified

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