“I think that at the limit we will think of criminalizing this …”

The affair of the subject of English in the mock exam of the Inspectorate of the Academy of Rufisque is far from reaching its epilogue. It was Seydou Sané, assistant inspector at the Ziguinchor academy who stepped up to denounce. He even went so far as to make proposals, because he let it be known that acts against nature are banned by Senegalese society.

“I think that at the limit we will think about criminalizing this behavior. We have our realities which do not even allow us to accept them, a fortiori to promote them. We must condemn in the most rigorous way. each other’s testimonies do not benefit the professor concerned, “emphasizes the inspector of the academy.

Continuing, he warns the authorities by recalling that “the ideal that we all believe, we will have to preserve it otherwise this kind of behavior can harm social cohesion. I condemn it and there is no right in this, to do harm people, hurt the hearts of Senegalese, “regrets the inspector of the academy.


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