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Hiraoka Care Welfare Collegeis

Friday, July 29th at the Nishitetsu Grand Hotel in Fukuoka City

Participated in the 2022 Nursing Care Worker Training Benefit Scholarship Recruitment Notification Ceremony

▲Left side: Mr. Toshio Namai, Chairman of the Life Insurance Association of Japan Fukuoka Association

Right: Yuna Nakayama, 2nd year care worker (Nagasaki Prefecture: graduated from Iki Commercial High School)

This scholarship can receive a benefit-type scholarship of 240,000 yen in the second year.

After being recommended by the school and undergoing selection, the award will be decided.

This is a very helpful scholarship for students who are unable to find a part-time job during the time of the spread of COVID-19.

▲“When I heard that I had to give a recent report at today’s award ceremony, I was nervous and panicked,” says Nakayama.

Mr. Nakayama was able to calmly report that he was currently studying for the national exam during the summer vacation.

There are various scholarship programs for students who want to care.

Would you like to hear more about the trial admission?

Click here to apply for trial admission

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