“I miss you”: Navalny gives his news after his poisoning


His first words were eagerly awaited. Russian opponent Alexeï Navalny posted a message and a photo of him on Instagram on Tuesday, September 15, 2020, saying he was able to do without a respirator for a whole day, his first publication since his suspected poisoning in late August. “I don’t know almost anything yet, but yesterday (Monday) I was able to breathe on my own all day long,” he wrote on his Instagram account, the attached photo showing him with his eyes open, sitting on his bed hospital with his wife.

“I really liked it, it’s an amazing process that many people underestimate. I recommend it, ”he joked, also telling his subscribers:“ I miss you ”, a week after being released from the artificial coma in which he had been plunged.

Novichok poisoning

The number one opponent in the Kremlin, victim of an attempted poisoning on August 20 in Siberia, according to his entourage, will soon be able to completely do without “artificial ventilation”, added the Charité hospital in Berlin where he is treaty. A German military laboratory concluded on September 3 that Alexei Navalny, 44, had been poisoned by a Novichok-type nerve agent, designed for military purposes in Soviet times, which Moscow disputes. French and Swedish laboratories announced Monday that they had confirmed the German conclusions.

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