“I didn’t want to go to war with my neighbors”

While dogs have countless qualities, they can be noisy too. This was precisely the case with Bo, the dog of Gerda, a 65-year-old woman from Limburg. “He was born with a deformity and, as a result, had a difficult character,” Gerda explains to our colleagues from Nieuwsblad. Bo was therefore a dog who barked a lot.

To the chagrin of the neighborhood, who therefore heard the cries of the dog at the slightest outside noise. Last week, the resident of Leopolsburg received an anonymous letter in her mailbox. In it, signed by “the neighborhood”, strangers asked him to find a solution so that his dog would stop barking.

“But we had already tried everything. We even bought a device that sends waves to calm the dogs, but it didn’t work, ”explains Gerda, who finally made the difficult decision to have her pet euthanized:“ A very heavy decision to which I still think every night, ”she explains, heartbroken.

The form more than the substance

What poses a problem for Gerda is the way the message was sent: “This anonymous letter was the only signal I received. Obviously I wanted Bo to be able to continue living, but I didn’t want to go to war with my neighbors ”.

The lady, who has lived there since 1976, is disappointed: “Under pressure from my neighborhood, I had to get rid of Bo. I am angry and sad. I have another dog, who is calm. They will never be able to take it away from me ”.

But the troubles don’t end there for Gerda. Indeed, one of her neighbors has proudly posted a message on Facebook in which she announces that there will be no more noise “because the dog has received a bite”. Since then, it is Gerda who receives hate messages and even death threats from certain Internet users, who believe that she herself murdered her dog: “If I had the means, I would move”, assures Gerda in as a conclusion.


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