“I didn’t notice anything suspicious.” The only foreign researcher from a Wuhan institute on the theory of laboratory leakage

I have not noticed any incident that could indicate that a virus leak has occurred in the virology laboratories in Wuhan – Danielle Anderson said in an interview with the Bloomberg agency. The 42-year-old researcher was the only foreign scientist working there just before the COVID-19 epidemic in China.

  • In an interview with Bloomberg, the virologist admitted that she was impressed by the security measures used in laboratories in Wuhan and that she does not recall a case when one of the researchers fell ill in November 2019
  • In May, U.S. President Joe Biden called on security services to investigate the hypothesis that a virus spill from a Wuhan laboratory was responsible for the COVID-19 outbreak. Such speculation fueled China’s reluctance to cooperate with other countries
  • Danielle Anderson called for a full investigation into the causes of the pandemic. She admitted that in her opinion the most likely hypothesis is the natural origin of the virus, however, accidental leakage of the virus from the laboratory cannot be completely ruled out in her opinion.
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The fact that the COVID-19 outbreak occurred in Wuhan – the city that is home to a virology institute – gave rise to speculation that the virus may have spilled out of the lab via infected personnel or a contaminated facility. These suspicions were only fueled by the lack of transparency in China’s actions since the first days of the epidemic.

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