“I dare say it does not have it”

The lawyer for the woman with a Delta variant, Óscar Echeverría, said on the afternoon of this Wednesday 30 that he believes that his client does not have this type of covid in his body. The lawyer attributed the information to a laboratory error and added that no one in the woman’s family records recent infections.

In an interview with Radio Biobío, the woman’s lawyer argued that her client was quarantined for seven days at her home in San Javier and no one was infected with the dreaded variant discovered in India. This despite the fact that it has a greater capacity to infect people.

Echeverría said that that is why they want more “analysis, because we have many reasons to believe that it does not have the Delta variant, considering the form of contagion and the severity it has.” The woman’s lawyer said: “I daresay she does not have the Delta variant. Rather, an inadvertent laboratory error. But this is clearly a mistake ”.

Lawyer rules out “tour”

In addition, the woman’s lawyer ruled out that she had gone to other places apart from the house where she did the quarantine and the funeral of her father. “There was an error in the humanitarian permit from the Seremi and the Minsal. This person only went to the funeral, nowhere else. It is understood that the people are concerned, but they are worrying about false information, ”said Echeverría.

The woman’s lawyer also insisted that she went from the medical residence to the funeral because she had applied for a humanitarian permit. But she didn’t know she had to stay home.

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“Entering the cemetery we received an email. At 1:42 PM. Indeed, he said it was to go from Santiago to the home. While she addressed the funeral, it was never with the purpose of harm. I did not know that it had any kind of variant. And third, he did so with the permission of the seremi. The seremi gave him permission, ”he said.


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