“I am well insured, but starting again from zero to 67 years old …”

Sunday afternoon, Francis Witmeur and his wife just had time to leave their apartment on the first floor of the old farm “Aux 3 Collines”, located in Sart, in their pajamas. ignites.

➜ The photos of the disaster are impressive.

Their daughter, who lives on the ground floor of the same building, poisoned by the thick smoke, was transported by ambulance to the CHC clinic in Heusy. Fortunately, however, she is out of danger. This Monday morning, this retiree from a public service was able to explain the circumstances of the tragedy in front of the charred walls of the house.

➜ The fire broke out in the evening, then around 11:30 p.m., the fire resumed: the firefighters were able to save two dogs by resuscitating them.

➜ Francis testifies: “We are going to have to face it, once again… I am well insured, but to start from zero to 67 years old…”


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