“I adopted two of Vadim’s dogs”

Laura Nicolau or Kera Caliţa, as people know the owner of the Jariştea restaurant in Bucharest, wanted to be with Vadim’s daughters, Lidia and Eugenia, after the politician’s death. Immediately after the eldest daughter of the Tribune made a public appeal, in order to be helped to be able to keep her father’s quadrupeds, Kera Caliţa offered to take home two innocent souls.

Vadim had 70 dogs that he kept in a shelter on the outskirts of the Capital, in addition to the 32 that he raised in the villa in Cotroceni. Now it is difficult for his family to support everyone. Initially, Vadim’s family had placed their hopes, after his death, on Gigi Becali, who offered them their first financial support. However, after Lydia’s call, Becali stated that he gives money to Vadim’s girls, but not to his puppies. The gesture bothered the girls and their grieving wives, who preferred to seek the help of animal lovers.

And the puppies cried for the politician

Corneliu Vadim Tudor passed away on September 14, at the age of 65, following a heart attack. In the evening when the poet died, the dogs howled and waited for him for hours in the yard and at the window of the house.

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