Hyundai Motor Cooperates with Singapore Technical Education Institute


Hyundai Motor has signed an MOU with the Singapore Institute of Technology (ITE) and Hyundai Motor’s Singapore distributor, Comoco, to mass-produce future vehicle maintenance technicians and expand the electric vehicle market in Singapore22. day, revealed.

ITE is a university under the Ministry of Education of Singapore. Starting next year, the “Global Technical Competence Enhancement Program” will be implemented, and up to 10 outstanding students will be selected each year through this program for five years.

After two months of training in Korea, they will work at Komoko. The Korean curriculum consists of automobile theory education centered on Hyundai Motor’s new technology and on-site training at Hyundai Motor’s directly operated service center.

The business agreement ceremony was held on the 20th at Hyundai Motor’s dedicated electric vehicle workshop inside the Comoco agency.

A source from Hyundai Motor said, “With this business agreement, we will establish a solid position as a global brand that contributes to the local community by actively developing human resources for the maintenance of future automobiles in Singapore.”

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