Hunting dogs – which breed to choose and how to prepare for the hunt?

A faithful helper and a cheerful companion, a dog on a hunt is indispensable. For a long time, dogs have helped people hunt and track down prey, drive it into a dead end or lead it to a hunter. But the role of the dog is not limited to mechanical actions, it helps the owner at all stages of the hunt. How to choose a breed, what you can face during a chase and what to do to make a hunt with a dog successful.

When a dog is brought up for hunting, it is necessary to give it the opportunity to spend time chasing a game or bird, to use it according to its vocation. Otherwise, the dog may begin to expend energy in a non-peaceful manner. You need to choose a dog for hunting based on the type of hunting – for an animal or a bird, rifle or unarmed. Among dogs, there are also generalists, but more often each breed has its own specialization.

  • Burrowing dogslooking for a burrowing beast. First of all, these are dachshunds. They love warmth and care, while steadfastly ready to hunt in harsh weather conditions. Sometimes fox terriers are used for burrow hunting.
  • Cops, for hunting a bird. In training, they are taught to stand in a special position that tells the hunter where the bird is, and at the signal to raise it on the wing.
  • Greyhounds, when hunting fur-bearing animals. They are distinguished by endurance and sharp eyesight.
  • Hounds, for the corral of the beast to exhaustion. The Russian hound is the best helper. A beagle is sometimes brought in as a companion.
  • Universal, for lovers of different types of hunting. Likes are suitable for the role of an assistant in almost all types of hunting. They are appreciated for their excellent flair and endurance. Likes are friendly and self-reliant and require constant walks.

The hunt takes place in several stages, and in each of them the role of the dog is important. Find a game or bird, point out to the hunter its position, give time to aim and prepare to shoot and bring a trophy. The latter is especially important when hunting for a wading bird, because wounded animals can fall into dense thickets of reeds, from where only a dog can get it.

The hunter collects himself and takes everything he needs for his dog. It is worth getting vaccinated against rabies in advance and treating against ticks, especially in the spring and autumn periods. In the process, the dog can get hurt, so in the first aid kit you need to have the means to help the pet. If the dog responds to the whistle, then it will be required for the hunt.

A collar that can be thrown over the shoulder will be convenient so that the hunter has only a weapon in his hands. The leash is taken short so that it does not get tangled in bushes and trees. The harness on the chest will make it easier for the dog to move.

A vest for a dog will not be superfluous – it protects it from wild vegetation and makes it more noticeable for other hunters.

Dog bowl

When hunting with your dog, remember that you cannot shoot at noise, especially in bad weather. Even if your pet is nearby, there may be another hunter’s dog. For example, hounds look like a wolf and a large fox from a distance.

It is worth teaching the dog in advance to feed the game. First of all, it is a security measure. Pre-study which of the animals you can meet in the forest in addition to your hunting purpose. For example, some dog breeds are boar friendly. This can end badly if the boar is not afraid, but shows aggression.

When hunting with dogs on ungulates, make sure that the dog does not come close to the injured animal. An injured animal can hit hard with a hoof. Sometimes dogs find snakes and play with them. If possible, train your pet to stay away from them.

Hunting dog in a vest

Praise your dog for his actions, while being strict. Then the hunt will end happily, and the dog will fulfill its hunting duty.

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