“Hunt” for King Juan Carlos: are you taking refuge in Santo Domingo or Portugal? The wife remains in Spain


Hunt for the king. TO Santo Domingo or in Europe, Portugal, France, Italy, where she still has relatives, in Greece, the birthplace of Queen Sofia. If the Royal House hoped, with the departure from Spain of re Juan Carlos I, to calm the troubled waters of the old sovereign’s financial and sentimental scandals, has achieved the opposite effect at least for now.

Chaos between the two government parties, the Psoe of the premier Pedro Snchez, who was aware of the preparations for the removal of the former head of state, and United We Can, the radical left of the spouses Pablo Iglesias and Irene Montero, vice president and minister of Equality, who were in the dark.

And if the former monarch tried to strengthen his son and successor, Felipe VIremoving the disturbance, however, the Crown is under attack by the Republicans and Catalan independence activists outraged by what they consider an ignominious flight from Juan Carlos from their responsibilities and from justice. The Spanish Supreme Court in fact opened an investigation in June to establish whether since 2014, he has abdicated and no longer protected from real immunity, the elderly sovereign has been guilty of tax fraud, money laundering or other crimes against the revenue.

On his immunity as far as committed before the abdication (the possible Saudi bribe worth a hundred million dollars for the construction of the high-speed railway line between the Medina and Mecca by a consortium of Spanish companies) the jurists argue. In Switzerland, the Geneva prosecutor’s office has been investigating the account held by the Lucum Foundation for two years (created specifically to receive the money and dissolved in 2012, when a 65 million euro transfer started from a Swiss bank to the former Bahamas account lover Corinna Larsen) could therefore also investigate the unofficial actions of the elderly king.

The national press he mobilized all his hounds and confidants in the palace to find out where his refuge is, while the reigning king and his family try to lead a normal life, even without official commitments on the agenda. On Friday Felipe and Letizia will leave with their daughters, Princess Leonor and the infant Sofia, for about ten days in Palma de Mallorca, where Queen Sofia preceded them with their daughter Elena at Marivent, the summer residence.

They will be working holidays, Zarzuela informed: the royal couple will visit the Balearics to check the difficult health situation caused by the coronavirus. Felipe VI will meet with the premier and receive local authorities. The family will appear perhaps for the official photos and their drawn smiles will be scrutinized. Letizia furious with her father-in-law, whose opaque financial maneuvers and those that are clearly extramarital have jeopardized the future of Leonor, heir to a perilous throne.

As for the current ruler, observers agree that he could not have done more to save the Bourbons’ honor: he took the title of Duchess of Palma de Mallorca from his sister Cristina, tried with her husband for corruption; he renounced his father’s unclear assets, revoked his life annuity and finally blessed his exile.

August 4, 2020 (change August 4, 2020 | 11:40 pm)


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