Hunan TV 2022-2023 Countdown Concert

Ep 2 Part 2 (Finale)

91 mins

2023 Hunan TV Countdown concert will welcome 2023 with the following line-up to usher in the new year; performing artists include Wang Jun Kai , Hua Chenyu , GEM , Yu Kewei , Gigi Leung and singers and artists from “Call Me By Fire” and “Sister Make Waves”. The 2023 Hunan Satellite TV New Year’s Eve Concert welcomes 2023 in the trend. A wonderful and dazzling New Year’s Eve feast is about to be staged, and everyone is looking forward to it! Guest performers include Wang Junkai, Hua Chenyu, Deng Ziqi, Yu Kewei, Gigi Leung. There are also brothers and sisters who “ride the wind and waves” and “ride the wind and waves”.

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