Huilense receives Ecopetrol high school scholarship

As part of the celebration of its first 70 years, Ecopetrol awarded the ‘Bachelor Ecopetrol Mario Galán Gómez’ scholarship, which allows access to university or higher studies, to 48 students from 32 departments of the country.

The scholarship was awarded at a face-to-face event in Campo Rubiales, in the department of Meta, as a sign of the Company’s commitment to the education of the new generations in the areas where it operates.

In the department of Huila, the beneficiary is Carol Tatiana Rengifo Salcedo, a graduate of the Alto del Obispo educational institution in the municipality of San Agustín and a medical student at the University of Cauca.

I chose medicine because I am passionate about being able to serve everyone who needs me, and this career allows that: to provide unconditional support in the face of any difficulty, especially in something as valuable as people’s health. In addition, in our country, there are many shortcomings in the health sector and this motivates me to learn and has empowered me with new concepts focused on Colombians having better living conditions”Explains Carol Tatiana with pride.

For her “It is a great help that Ecopetrol gives us to be able to study a career, there are many of us who cannot do it, we cannot fulfill our dreams, since in our country the possibilities of studying at a university are null and difficult, that is why all my gratitude to this great company”. The program is a voluntary social investment initiative that is part of the ‘Ecopetrol Educa’ line, whose objective is to contribute to closing gaps in the quality of education and infrastructure, promoting school retention and facilitating access to education.

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The high school graduates are selected according to the results of the ‘Know 11’ tests, in accordance with the provisions of the internal regulations governing the program, and take into account the principles of diversity and inclusion of the company. It benefits one student from each department, one from indigenous communities and another from Afro-Colombian communities, as well as 12 more from the areas where the company operates.

The ICFES, the Ministry of National Education and representatives of the Company participate in their selection, who, in addition to taking into account the results of the State tests, verify that the young people belong to rural areas of the country and that they are not
recipients of another scholarship.

For the president of Ecopetrol, Felipe Bayón assured: “We recognize the best students in the country, young people who inspire us with their talent and discipline. They show us that dreams are achieved with effort and dedication, that we can go further if we
we strive, we prepare better every day and excellence is sought. They are an example to follow, future leaders who will shape the future of Colombia

The scholarship covers 100% of the value of the tuition in the institutions selected by the students, which are accredited by the Ministry of National Education, as well as a semester aid for transportation, accommodation and meals, for those who carry out their studies outside their municipalities. of residence. They will also have vocational counseling, tutorials, workshops, an accompaniment plan and support for the use of free time.

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Commitment to education

This initiative joins the alliance recently signed between Ecopetrol and the ‘She Is’ Foundation so that 230 girls are part of the ‘She is an Astronaut’ program, which aims to foster interest in careers related to science, technology,
engineering and mathematics.

The Company continues to strengthen its alliances in favor of the education of young people. An example is the link to the ‘Generación E’ program, through an agreement with ICETEX that benefits 1,587 young people for their access to higher education, as well as
the ‘Utopia’ program with the University of La Salle that covers 40 students, generating educational opportunities in rural areas.

Additionally, on the educational infrastructure front, the Ecopetrol Group, through the PDET Tax Works mechanism, which promotes the development of investment projects in the areas most affected by the armed conflict, has made allocations of
school furniture to more than 95 thousand students in 595 educational institutions in the country in the last three years.


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