Huelva Provincial Council and Rural Development Groups sign the collaboration agreements for the HEBE scholarships


The Provincial Council of Huelva and the Rural Development Groups (GDR) of the province have signed this Monday the collaboration agreements for the launch of a new call for the HEBE Plan (Huelva, Employment-Based Experiences).

This is the seventh of what is the first line of action of this program – called ‘First Opportunity’ – which in this edition offers a total of 105 scholarships aimed at young university students or who have completed Higher Degree Training Cycles and Middle Grade Training Cycles resident in the regions of the province of Huelva to carry out internships in companies. The deadline for submitting applications is June 14.

The president of the provincial institution, María Eugenia Limón, accompanied by the vice president of Economic and Social Innovation, Juan Antonio García, has signed the collaboration agreements with the president of Adrao, Pedro José Romero; the president of ADR Cuenca Minera, José Antonio Ayala; the president of Guadiodiel, Lourdes Martín; and the president of Saypa, Enrique Garzón, except the president of Adercon, Miguel Ángel Curiel, who has excused his absence.

As the president has pointed out, from the Huelva Provincial Council “we are very proud of this project, one of those that most comforts the administration, which has a greater vocation for continuity, which strengthens these public-private alliances and above all one of the initiatives, now that we have been talking about depopulation and the demographic challenge, that further help us to consolidate employment and fix the population in our territory “.

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Limón has especially thanked the provincial GDRs “for their commitment and involvement with this project since, thanks to them, we get the collaboration of the companies we need so that the young people of our regions can carry out internships in their area.”

For the president of the provincial institution “the work of these collaborating companies is very important – more than 400 in these seven editions – without which this project could not have become a reality.”

As Limón recalled, “this project was born in 2015 from the Territorial Development service of the provincial institution and, since then, the provincial institution has invested more than 1.3 million euros in the seven editions that have been developed of this line, with a total of 650 beneficiaries and more than 400 companies that have collaborated by facilitating that first job opportunity for young people in the province “.

All of this “with very favorable results in terms of job placement, with 30% of young people getting their first job after the scholarship and, of this percentage, a high number remain working in the same company where they did the internship”, they have saying.

The distribution of the scholarships by region, carried out in an equitable manner, is as follows: Adercon with 30 scholarships; Guadiodiel with 30 scholarships; Adrao with 16 scholarships; Saypa with 16 scholarships and ADR Cuenca Minera with 13 scholarships. Regarding the amount of the scholarship, each beneficiary will receive an economic allocation of 570 euros gross per month, 5% more compared to the previous edition. The contribution to the GDRs has also been increased, going from an average of 8,000 euros to 10,000 euros “as an enhancement of the important management work carried out by all the technical teams of the GDRs,” said the president.

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Limón has stressed that “with this program we continue to contribute to the 2030 Agenda and to that Strategic Plan of the Province of Huelva with which we have been working”, specifically with the programmatic lines aimed at promoting governance between public administrations and private entities, contributing to the improvement of human capital and promote the creation of stable and quality jobs, working with the Provincial Plan for the promotion of youth employment and with SDG 4 (Quality education), 8 (Decent work and economic growth) and 17 (Alliances to achieve the objectives).

Finally, all those responsible for the GRD have thanked the Huelva Provincial Council for the effort it makes to start up this “successful initiative”, unanimously valuing the commitment to give continuity to this project, which represents “a vital impulse for the young people of the province at the time of obtaining that first opportunity in terms of work experience, as well as the increase in this edition of the amounts of management of the GDR, the allocation of scholarships and the number of places assigned by regions “.

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