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Some time ago, Huawei and BAIC Jihu jointly released an autonomous driving model, and at the same time, jointly launched the Cyrus SF5 Huawei Smart Selection model with Xiaokang shares, and officially started the car sales business. Affected by this, these car companies have also started the daily limit market.However, Huawei has not issued a statement from beginning to end that it will directly participate in the car-making business. Today, Huawei completely denies building cars.

On May 24, Huawei issued the “Statement Regarding Huawei Not Building Cars”, claiming that the false rumors about Huawei building cars have been clarified by a company spokesperson. Today, we reiterate:Huawei does not build cars. This long-term strategy was clear in 2018, and nothing has changed.

We believe that what the industry needs is not Huawei branded cars, but Huawei’s accumulated ICT technology capabilities for more than 30 years to help car companies build future-oriented cars, that is, to provide car companies with intelligent networked cars based on Huawei’s ICT capabilities. part.

So far, we have not invested in any car companies. In the future, it will not invest in any auto companies, nor will it hold or participate in shares. after,All discussions that Huawei builds cars or participates in the auto manufacturing industry are rumours and should not be trusted.

We have chosen BAIC, Changan and Guangzhou Automobile as our strategic partners to support them in building their respective sub-brands. Cars that use Huawei’s autonomous driving solution can only use the HI logo with Huawei’s authorization, which represents Huawei Inside.

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Regarding the cooperation between Huawei and Jincon Sailus, a subsidiary of Chongqing Xiaokang Group, Huawei is a supplier of electric components for Celes SF5 and HiCar cockpit components. At the same time, in order to solve the survival problem of Huawei authorized mobile phone retail stores in the case of a significant reduction in Huawei mobile phones,Huawei is supporting some retail stores to sell this car, and retail stores can obtain corresponding revenue.

It can be seen from Huawei’s statement that Huawei is positioned as a provider of automotive intelligent network components and will not directly enter the vehicle manufacturing industry. Therefore, the rumors about “Huawei cars” in the market are all false.

With today’s Huawei’s clarification of “not building cars”, the share prices of Huawei-related auto companies also plummeted. BAIC Langu took the lead in the lower limit, and the stock price as of press time was 17 yuan.Changan Automobile followed suit, plummeting 9.68%, and its latest share price was 22.58 yuan; Xiaokang shares plummeted 7.91%, and its latest share price was 53.1 yuan.

In addition, since the release of the autonomous driving model by Huawei and BAIC Jihu in mid-April, BAIC Blue Valley’s share price has skyrocketed from about 12 yuan to a peak of 19 yuan. Xiaokang shares are even more exaggerated. Its share price was only about 23 yuan at the beginning of April this year, and by May 19, its highest point had reached 69.54 yuan, a three-fold increase.

Now, as Huawei completely “denies making cars,” the share prices of these related car companies have also begun to plummet. We will wait and see how the stock prices of these car companies will go in the future.

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