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Before leaving Hong Kong, he experienced “break away from home” and not be an emotional beast

[Epoch Times September 17, 2021](Epoch Times reporters Li Yishu, Liang Zhen Hong Kong report) The artist Huang Guocai, who moved to Taiwan earlier, saw that He Yunshi was treated unfairly in a singing session recently, but he finally succeeded in performing live broadcasts. He feels that he is engaged in art. A lot.

Kacey Wong, a Hong Kong visual artist who used to be an assistant professor at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and often writes on political themes, said in an interview with our newspaper’s “True Words” program on September 14 that he heard He Yunshi say “with a kind of cultivation He feels that the word “cultivation” is very good, especially in the current political and social chaos, everyone will be affected by it.

Huang Guocai recalled that when he decided to leave Hong Kong, he also experienced a lot of “disappearance” and felt very discouraged in his heart. During this period, he remembered the scene of Fa Ge looking down from the top of the mountain in “The True Colors of Heroes”: “Hong Kong is so beautiful. It’s a pity that it’s gone all at once.”

Huang Guocai believes that the term “cultivation” is very good, especially in the current political and social chaos, everyone will be affected by it. Profile picture. (Rong Jiaer/The Epoch Times)

Hong Kong people can live out Hong Kong culture wherever they go

Huang Guocai believes that every person who leaves Hong Kong will experience this kind of emotion, but it is not true. “It’s just that your emotions feel that you are leaving, so there will be a kind of negative energy. If this negative energy continues to think, If you zoom in, it will really affect every moment of a person.” He continues to encourage himself positively, and through his investment in art, he gives his spirit a little support.

“In fact, it is not that the whole of Hong Kong is gone. It is just the rationality we want. Hong Kong, a civil society based on the rule of law, is disappearing. But in fact, each of us is a Hong Kong citizen. We can bring Hong Kong’s culture to life wherever we go. Come out, many Hong Kong people are like this now. When you reach Britain, Canada, and other corners of the earth, this will be the state of the so-called Great Migration in the next few years, and it will become a very normal state.”

Come to Taiwan to return to the free world of old Hong Kong

After Huang Guocai, a native of Hong Kong, came to Taiwan, how did he see the creative atmosphere in the two places? He said that in the past, Hong Kong was a space with a lot of diversity, freedom of speech, and free expression of art, but in the past few years it has been quickly suppressed. “When you draw cartoons or watch some so-called sensitive works, The audience may have problems.” Not only the creative artist, but even the exhibition venues are also affected. He gave an example: He Yunshi has signed an appointment for a concert at the Art Center, but it has been unilaterally cancelled due to political reasons. “With the national security laws, and now I heard that the Cultural Affairs Bureau 2.0 is going to be launched, it should become like a’cultural police'”, the future development of art and culture in Hong Kong will face restraint.

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Compared with Taiwan, Huang Guocai said that coming to Taiwan is like returning to the former Hong Kong, a world where there is still freedom of speech and freedom of artistic expression. “It’s a reversal of identities, or a reversal of experience. Hong Kong has returned to Taiwan during the martial law before 1989.” He said that the democracy in Taiwan that we see now is not easy to come by. Human sacrifices are made for. “Many of the previous books could not be published in Taiwan during the period of martial law, so they will be published in Hong Kong because Hong Kong has freedom of speech.”

Praise He Yunshi to face injustice with a cultivated mentality

The artist He Yunshi was originally scheduled to hold a concert at the Shouson Theatre of the Hong Kong Arts Center from September 8th to 12th, but 7 days before the opening, the venue cancelled the rent on the grounds that it might “endanger public order” or “public safety” Later, He Yunshi issued a statement stating that the concert will be broadcast live on the evening of September 12. He Yunshi said: “The only thing I can do is to keep singing.” He also said to treat it with a cultivation mentality.

Huang Guocai believes that the word “cultivation” is very good, especially in the current political and social chaos, everyone will be affected by it. The involvement of politics affects many aspects. He said, for example, after politics intervenes in education, it affects the original multi-dimensional teaching culture, “it is impossible to teach in a balanced way.”

A beast that keeps both positives and negatives in everything without emotion

He said that in such a state of chaos, there is a saying called “Ning Ding in chaos”, which is to change his own inner view of things. Because “external things are like the weather, you can’t control it.” He quoted a philosopher as saying that there is no freedom in this world. The only freedom is how you think and think about what happens. “What happens can be positive or (can) be negative. You can choose.”

“For example, as I said just now, you can’t do a concert in the Red Hall. You can think negatively. It’s miserable and abnormal to hold it in a secret base. But at the same time you can think positively, that’s Because you can’t hold a concert in the Red Hall, you just go online, and the audience you get is from all over the world. In the end, there are more audiences from different Chinese worlds than in the Red Hall. After all, we are going to select the Red Hall, Or choose to focus on the audience rate on the Internet. This is free to choose.” Huang Guocai said that when he realizes that he can choose, he will not become an emotional beast with his emotional distress. “.

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Huang Guocai said that negative things can be accepted as a challenge, as if God gave you a test. “You can’t hold an exhibition or hold a concert here, that’s a test. If you accept this challenge head-on, then you think I must do it, like He Yunshi, she said it must be done, I It must be broadcast live, then let her do it in the end, and it will pass.”

The stage is where the singers practice, and the studio is where the artists practice.

He said that the stage is a dojo for singers, a dojo for cultivation. “Then I do art, then my studio, my exhibition space, such as museums, art galleries, those are the so-called dojos I practice.” Political situation and politics change every day, but some things remain the same. “For example, if the studio is dusty, you just sweep the floor, right? Or if you don’t have electricity, just remember to buy a socket… By doing these very subtle things and accumulating them slowly, you will continue to do great things. So There are no major events in this world, everything comes from small events.”

“In 2020, He Yunshi mentioned that she was lost and lost her focus and concentration. But when she realized which thing was the best, she continued to do that, and found that all the unhappy things had been solved. Now.” Huang Guocai, who is also a creative artist, also experienced a similar training process?

The current political chaos is a test for all Hong Kong people

Huang Guocai said that everyone’s reaction is different. After experiencing the Ai Weiwei incident in 2011, 10 years of resistance movement, it will be easy to get lost in the process. He himself has also experienced emotional depression, and finally decided to seek professional counseling (psychological counseling) ), “I was very resistant at the beginning, very resistant, always saying that I have no problem, I am okay, I am okay; OK, I can use my brain to figure out a way out, but in fact it is not, for me no.”

Why does the strong Huang Guocai go to a psychological consultation? He said that he felt very lonely because of the political chaos. The current situation is a big test for all Hong Kong people. “For example, the collapse of the moral system, isn’t it? We have seen a lot of police violence, beating young people, pushing pregnant women to the ground, right? The suppression is aimed at young people. From birth to the present, what we understand as righteousness is just When it becomes negative, it becomes wrong. That is, black becomes white, and white becomes black. So it is a very extreme state of being. Such a thing is a structural influence.”

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“For example, the “Basic Law” grants us the rights that we originally have, such as freedom of assembly, or freedom of artistic expression, and freedom of the press, are all deprived of. Under such circumstances, it will subvert your thinking, and of course it will also affect yours. Emotion. That’s it, so why do Hong Kong people take to the streets with over a million people? Because it’s too wrong to accept it.”

The current situation in Hong Kong has a great influence on the mood of Hong Kong people. Huang Guocai went to a psychological consultation and later slowly recovered his original righteous thoughts. He advised everyone not to be afraid to go to psychological counseling if necessary.

There is no right or wrong choice to leave or stay

For Hong Kong people who choose to leave or stay, Huang Guocai believes that there is no right or wrong. Those who are left should choose a positive thinking. How Zheng is rhyming poems and Zhou Guanwei, the director who filmed “Revolution of the Times,” is a good example of hate. He said that he remembered that Zhou Guanwei said in an interview that he chose to stay in Hong Kong because his idol is Jesus. He has to do what he should do in Hong Kong. This is called honesty, so that he can be free.

If he chooses to leave, just like Huang Guocai himself, he used a lot of strength to establish a studio and let friends from different art circles and the media conduct interviews, which can still play a role. “I have shipped all the art works and tools from Hong Kong to Taiwan. Two 40 (cubic) foot containers are now almost ready to be placed, and the soul is settled again.”

He admitted that different people have different needs. He will continue to play in Taiwan and continue to create his “Hong Kong Story”. “For me, art is my faith, and my studio is my temple or my church.” @

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