Hu Hongjun held his first solo concert Cai Sibei appeared with his parents-Nan Mu Xuan

Cai Sibei and his parents appeared at Hu Hongjun’s concert

Hu Hongjun held his first solo concert and Cai Sibei showed up with his parents

Cai Sibei supports Hu Hongjun

According to Hong Kong media, Hu Hongjun held his first solo concert on the evening of November 26. Ma Guoming and his girlfriend Tang Luowen, Chen Minzhi, Hu Dingxin, Yao Ziling, Gu Yaluan and Tan Jiayi from the same record company appeared. In addition, “Gossip Girl” Cai Sibei also showed up. With the support of her parents, she was low-key wearing a fisherman hat and a mask to cover her face. Sitting in the audience, she kept dancing with her mobile phone to support her. She watched very enthusiastically all night. When Hu Hongjun sang the concert theme song “Thank you for your support”, she was touched. When she couldn’t sing in tears, Cai Sibei also wiped her tears with a tissue. At the same time, Cai Sibei revealed to the media that he supported Hu Hongjun’s concert at his own expense.

Earlier, Hu Hongjun had revealed that he would invite Cai Sibei to watch the concert, and Cai Sibei said that he would go with the fate and would participate in the free time.


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