HSV and his frustration-5: What will happen if Dieter Trainer Hecking stays? – 2nd Bundesliga


The decision is approaching.

In the next few days, the trainer question at HSV will be clarified. Will Dieter Hecking (55) continue, or will there be a separation in the end?

The situation is complicated. The HSV has no coal. Hecking has certain sporting expectations for the squad and at the same time – after seven exits so far – there is still the frustration-5.

Five professionals who ask themselves: What will become of them if Hecking stays?

► There is goalkeeper Daniel Heuer Fernandes (27). It came from Darmstadt for 1.3 million euros as the new No. 1. 28 games in a row in the box. Before the final sprint of the league, Hecking pulled him out of the gate and made Julian Pollersbeck (25) the new regular goalkeeper.

It is clear that the relationship between the trainer and Heuer Fernandes is strained. The former Under-21 international from Portugal is not the only one who lost ground in the second half of the season.

► Sonny Kittel (27) had a spectacular autumn. Eleven hits on the first 20 game days, after that the magic was over. Because the defensive work was also weak, the top clipper became a supplementary player.

► The situation is similar with Lukas Hinterseer (29). The Austrian international (9 goals of the season) scored his last HSV goal in early February. Behind Leverkusen loan from Joel Pohjanpalo (25, 9 second-round booths) Hinterseer remained only an extras role. In the last ten games, the center forward managed 105 minutes of use.

► In the 18/19 season, Khaled Narey (25) was undisputed regular strength (32 games, 7 goals, 4 assists). Under Hecking the wing racer became a relegation. In 2020 it was used for 95 minutes. Despite an intermittent knee injury – that’s tough.

► Xavier Amaechi (19) came from Arsenal London with great expectations for 2.5 million euros. The youngster was allowed to play 32 minutes. When his only second-round match against Kiel (3: 3) flopped, Hecking gave him a huge public fire.

There are dissatisfied players in every team. Play eleven, the rest of them have a long face. What happens if Hecking Trainer stays? Is there another attempt, or are most pushing for a farewell?

Problem: There are hardly any transfer fees in corona times. On the other hand: If the HSV omits them for small change, there is no coal for the necessary replacement.

The HSV, Hecking and the Frust 5 – winners will not be there.


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