How young Argentines should do to finish secondary education abroad

Los young argentinians whose families seek emigrate In the future, they have the possibility of completing the stage of the secondary education in it foreign in case of residing both permanently and temporarily in the country to which they move to start a new life project.

The Ministry of Education of the nation through the resolution 1145/2022 establishes that students who have to move abroad and have subjects pending approval in the Intermediate Level studies, may take them in the Consulate closest to your destination.

In this sense, the regulations regulate that “the embassy or consulate Argentinian will send the diplomatic channel to the National Directorate for International Cooperation the written evidence received in which the student will record each page, signature, clarification and their National Identity Document.

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Secondary education for young Argentines abroad

In this way, through the enacted law, the national government seeks to facilitate the schooling to the thousands of citizens born in our country who are currently living in different parts of the world for various personal reasons. Which are the requirements?

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What are the requirements for young Argentines who want to finish secondary education abroad?

  • Accredit your residence outside of the Argentine Republic
  • Owing three subjects for the conclusion of the year or four for completion of the secondary level
  • Photocopy of the first and second page of the identity document.
  • Photocopy of the front and back of the duly legalized analytical certificate of the partial studies issued by the authorities of the educational establishment where the student will attend.
  • Certificate of residence or domicile of the country where you are located.
  • Note from interested parties over 18 years of age and from parents or guardians in the case of those under eighteen years of age requesting authorization, before the Directorate of National Validity of Titles and Studies, to take the subjects at the Argentine embassy or Consulate of the country of residence .
Secondary education for Argentines abroad
Secondary education for young Argentines abroad

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educational establishments Argentines in which the youths have completed their level studies secondary they must send to the National Validity Unit of Titles and Studies located in the receiving nations in which they have settled, the forms with the exam questions through the Ministries of Education Foreign Affairs of Argentina.

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The legislation updated on November 8, 2022 specifies that “it is necessary to establish procedures by which Argentine citizens or those of another nationality established in the foreigncan continue their studies in the country, without losing or repeating any year”.

For this purpose, the foreign pedagogical authorities indicated that, in order to continue the academic journey in their territory, it is a mandatory condition that “they have approved all the subjects corresponding to the years studied.”


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