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The 162nd anniversary of Vladivostok will be celebrated at various venues on July 2 and 3. By noon on Saturday, the townspeople gather in the central square, where they were promised a musical program, a delicious scallop, and evening fireworks. Also, a big picnic awaits guests on the embankment of the Akhlestyshev Bay, various actions were organized in squares and other public areas. How residents and guests of the city celebrate the birthday of the city, the editorial staff tells online.

12:13 In order to get to the Square of the Fighters for the Power of the Soviets, you have to stand in line – a metal detector frame was placed at the entrance. Meanwhile, on the stage set opposite the regional government, children’s groups are already performing, singing songs about Vladivostok.

12:09 On the main square of Vladivostok, next to the church under construction, the scallop festival also opened at that moment. True, for some reason, for some reason, chefs cook different variations of pilaf with meat in large cauldrons, and fruits and pies are displayed on the tables behind a metal fence. Waitresses dressed in traditional Central Asian outfits lay out plates.

12:22 On the other side of the square, there is a long queue for barbecue, which is prepared right there. The treat has not yet been put on the counter, but the crowd is actively arriving.

12:31 Chefs from white tents near the church promise to cook 200 kilograms of pilaf, which will be distributed free of charge. In addition, roasts will appear on the shelves. This is a gift to the residents of the city from Uzbek entrepreneurs.

12:55 Demonstration performances of seaside and city martial arts schools begin on the square. Athletes from the federations of kudo, taekwondo, jiu-jitsu, kyokushinkai and others lined up on the tatami, located next to the monument to the Fighters for the Power of the Soviets.

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It seems that the central area of ​​the holiday was not affected by a massive power outage.

12:58 On the sports ground, children and adults are offered to jump on trampolines, which the townspeople actively use. In addition, you can take a picture with Piratych, the symbol of the Admiral hockey club.

In the meantime, the guests of the holiday crowded near the tatami – here the awarding of particularly distinguished representatives of martial arts schools ended and demonstration performances finally began. The athletes of the Kyokushin Federation are the first to demonstrate their skills.

13:06 Guests at the festival are entertained by animators in funny costumes. We managed to spot one penguin and several orange cats. Also, a large roll from a local Japanese restaurant walks around the square. Life-size puppets from time to time start dancing and offer to be photographed with them.

13:09 Readers report that at this time a traffic jam is already gathering at the entrances to the Akhlestyshev beach, where the townspeople were promised a big picnic. The traffic jam begins on Russky Island, right after the FEFU campus.

13:35 We moved to the Admiral Square. There was a party for children here. The kids go on an impromptu stage and read poems by Russian classics. At the same time, the music school “Three Chords” is preparing for a performance.

A lot of activities were gathered in the Admiralsky Square. Children play Russian checkers, learn to make origami and bookmarks, and listen to fairy tales.

14:20 In the meantime, a concert began on Akhlestysheva, the orchestra on the stage plays Mambo No. 5. Hundreds, if not thousands, of people gathered at the beach. Many are surprised at how landscaped the territory is. Some swim, others rest on the shore. Here you can play gorodki, fly kites, and break dance at separate venues. The cooks who will prepare the record barbecue have gathered in front of the main venue. We haven’t started to fire up the braziers yet. Perhaps many guests will leave without waiting for a treat.

14:32 At this moment, the festival of the author’s song “Primorskie strings” is taking place in the Theater Square. At the same time, the year 2021 is indicated on the banner behind the backs of the artists. The townspeople sing about love for the city and the region, and also read poems of their own composition:

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“We are citizens, which means people,
That we live as of old, hand in hand,
We share holidays and weekdays together,
And the light is on in our lighthouse.”

14:38 In order to somehow regulate traffic in the area where a traffic jam had gathered from those who wanted to taste barbecue, traffic police officers arrived at Akhlestyshev. It is no longer possible to find a parking space close to the venue of the holiday. There was also a congestion among those who are trying to enter the parking lot, and those who are leaving.

14:51 Many Vladivostok residents report that there is no cellular communication on Akhlestyshev (MegaFon and MTS). Keep this in mind if you decide to quickly post pictures from the concert venue on social networks or are waiting for an important call.

14:55 We return to the square: here the holiday is in full swing. There is a food court where, among other things, you can taste fresh scallop. Tables and benches were set up in the square. In addition, in the tents you can buy vests and seaside souvenirs.

15:00 Near the tents where pilaf is cooked, invited artists sing Uzbek songs. A long line lined up for plates of hot treats, people patiently waiting for their portion under the scorching sun.

15:04 On Akhlestysheva, various activities were prepared for the guests of the holiday. For example, everyone can pass the TRP standards – lean forward from a standing position, press, long jump from a place, push-ups, snatch of a kettlebell weighing 16 kg.

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A few seconds remain until the moment when the barbecue begins to fry. All participants – 300 people – took a huge skewer in their hands and begin to cook the longest barbecue in Russia. It was placed on 264 braziers.

15:06 A dry fountain was turned on in the square, which the children immediately turned into a pool. Athletes continue to perform on the tatami nearby, now kickboxers are fighting in sparring.

15:13: Shish kebab on Akhlestysheva street is skewered on one skewer, which is mechanically connected at two points. The editor-in-chief of the Russian book of records recorded the beginning of the installation of another achievement.

15:24 The festive concert continues on the square. Now the artists are performing hits from the beginning of the 2000s, the songs of the Strelki group and Andrei Gubin have already been played, and at this moment, My Baby is being played by the duet Hands Up. In the front rows in front of the stage, the audience actively dances and sings along.

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