How to teach your dog to recall?

He listens, obeys, but when he is with his fellows, nothing more to do … If this situation is recurring, it is because the recall is not acquired and it is subject to the sole goodwill of your dog. Our solutions to gently remedy it.

a reminder 100% efficient is quite difficult to install. Yet it should be the first and only indispensable order to instill in your dog. It is the safety net for all situations: a female in heat passing by, an aggressive dog, a cat which runs away in front of its nose, a family picnicking, children frightened by the presence of your animal …

What is the recall?

It’s the dog name, eventually associated with a marker of your choice – “come here”, “at the foot”, “bravo”, more positive … -, which causes your companion to stop his action and come back to you.

This order must generate a sensation positive and absolutely not the fear, because in this case, if in front of him the temptation is strong – to grab a snack or to play with fellow-creatures – he will simply not come back.

How to teach your dog to recall?

To achieve this, the tone used must always be the same and above all playful, even if the situation makes you tense. Train yourself to have a single, singing intonation that will be useful regardless of the context.

When he’s back, think about him reward according to his profile and what he likes. It can be by taking his toy out of your pocket, which will augur in his mind for a play session, or by giving him a treat or a treat.

But if he is rather stubborn, that may not be enough. You can then practice recall sessions using a toy designed to be stuffed with mash that you will hand to your dog when he comes back … so that he can enjoy a few licks!

Don’t let him toy that very little time so that this reward has a real value for him and that this gluttony which he has the right to taste happens only in this one circumstance. While he relishes his stuffed toy, keep chanting his name, as if you were hailing him in the distance again.

This may seem unnatural to you, but it is very effective: you will thus definitely register a pleasant sensation linked to its recall.

4 tips for teaching your dog to recall

  1. Be progressive in this learning. The reminder work should start at home or in the garden, a quiet place with little stimulation. Understand it like an arcade game: to go to the next level, add a little additional difficulties (agitation, other dogs…). At each stage, you have to understand the difficulties well so as not to lose everything at the next level and risk starting over… from zero!
  2. Don’t harass him by constantly calling him back. Because, if you overwhelm him with information, if you constantly request him, there is no chance that your reminder will be of value. Only use it wisely.
  3. Do not always put him on a leash when you called him back. Deprivation of liberty is a punishment for him, so why would he come back next time?
  4. Patience, time and a lot of repetitions will be needed for this learning, to work throughout his life.


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