How to support hedgehogs on hot days

Hedgehogs are mostly out and about at dusk and at night. That’s smart, because even on hot summer days it’s often cooler. But hunger and thirst can drive them into the heat during the day.

A gap in the fence helps hedgehogs by allowing them to roam a larger area in search of food. (Image: dpa)
(Photo: Karl-Josef Hildenbrand/dpa-tmn)

Hilpoltstein – Drink a lot and look for a place in the shade – that doesn’t just apply to people in the heat. Wild animals such as hedgehogs also need more liquid and cool hiding places on warm summer days.

If you want to help hedgehogs in your garden for a short time, you can set up bowls with water and cat food. The State Association for Bird Protection in Bavaria (LBV) advises this.

However, the addition of feed should not be a permanent solution. The extra portion of food only makes sense in exceptional cases. For example, when you observe that hedgehogs look for food for several days during the day and when they appear undernourished. This can be seen from sunken flanks and a clear hunger line behind the head.

Cool hiding place instead of hot asphalt

In order for hedgehogs and other wild animals to find enough food and shade, the LBV recommends long-term natural gardens and parks. It is also important that the animals find a passage in neighboring gardens. So that no fence prevents them from roaming a large area in search of food.

It’s good if there are hedges, piles of brushwood and dry cavities in the garden, for example under piles of wood. There hedgehogs can find a cool place to rest. Sealed surfaces and asphalt, on the other hand, store heat well into the night and do not offer any shady shelter for wild animals.

Hedgehog prey hides from the heat and drought

According to the LBV, more and more hedgehogs are also looking for food during the day because they can’t find enough at night – hunger drives them on. The problem is that some insects, such as ground beetles, need sufficient moisture to develop. In addition, earthworms, for example, crawl into deep soil layers when it is hot. Butterfly caterpillars, earwigs and snails also withdraw when it is hot.

Especially in August, when many hedgehogs have young, garden owners should pay attention to whether they discover hungry hedgehogs in their garden during the day. And then give the animals some food.

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