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Is your four-legged friend very attached to you and you don’t know how to socialize him? Here are the activities to do with a protective dog.

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Having a protective dog is a good thing, however it is necessary that our four-legged friend knows how to socialize in order to be able to take him with us everywhere. Also, if Fido doesn’t feel comfortable around other dogs or people, he could even become aggressive.

This is why it is important that the dog does activities that can not only strengthen your bond but also make Fido socialize with other animals or people. Let’s see below what to do with a protective dog towards us.

Activity to do with a protective dog

A protective dog, who never leaves you alone, could also be a sign of love, but very often it is a sign of boredom or fear.

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In fact, if our four-legged friend does nothing but stay next to us at all times, he may be afraid of being alone or of being abandoned.

A protective dog is unlikely to let other dogs or other people get close to you and will also have difficulty socializing with others, which is essential for a puppy’s growth. Below we will list a few activity to do with a protective dog.


Walk with other dogs or other people not only will it make outings more fun for Fido, but it will help the dog learn to weigh his need for protection towards us.

If it is difficult for you to walk with your four-legged friend together with others, you could ask for advice from a trainer who will surely know how to help you.

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Fixing the games

Dogs are very intelligent and intuitive so they will learn how to arrange their toys in the special box.

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This training will allow your four-legged friend to divert attention from you and project it onto his toys.

On the other hand, dogs often become overprotective towards us because they are bored. Therefore distract him with his own toys it could be a great solution.

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Make excursions of a few hours, 2-3 times a week, can help you in dealing with the hyperprotectiveness of your four-legged friend.

Just take walks in different places, where the dog can explore and have fun, getting so tired that he “forgets” to be around you. Also some running during the week could be beneficial.

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