how to spend time from 28 to 30 May

TverLife continues constant heading “Poster”… But there is something important that we need to warn about. Open cinemas and concert venues do not mean that the danger of the coronavirus is over. If you decide to attend a public event, please observe preventive measures: wear a mask, treat your hands with an antiseptic, observe social distance. Take care of yourself and others!

May 28. Friday


On May 28, within the walls of the Tver club “Big Ben”, a concert of the group “Lucky Horse” will take place, which will perform the hits of the rock group “King and Jester”. Guests will find not just a high-quality performance of covers, but a real action. And for those who have not seen their friends recently, this is an excuse for everyone to get together. The event is especially interesting for those who love and remember the work of the “King and the Jester” group. The beginning is at 18:30. (18+)

On May 28 in the recreation center “Litvinki” there will be a reporting concert of the People’s Choir of Russian Song “Tverskiye Uzory” named after G.V. Strogonov. Beginning at 18:00. (0+)

Literary events

On May 28, the Mur-meow cat-cafe invites everyone to read the play by I. Vilqvist “Gelver’s Night”. This is the story of a young woman and a 30-year-old underdeveloped boy whom she brought up. A man contemplates the world through the eyes of a small child, loves to play soldiers and with childlike spontaneity talks about what is happening on the street. And she, having lost everything and seeing the young man on the hospital bench, read in his eyes the hope that everything would change. The work will be presented by fellows of the Governor of the Tver Region, artist of the Tver Theater for Young Spectators Diana Badagieva and actor of the Vyshnevolotsk Regional Drama Theater Nikita Kuk. Beginning at 19:00 (16+).


On May 28, the Gorky Library will host a lecture on the archaeological monuments of the Middle Ages in the research of the Kalinin State Pedagogical Institute. Stepanova Yulia Vladimirovna, Associate Professor of the Department of Russian History, Deputy. Dean for scientific work, candidate of historical sciences, artist-restorer of the III category of archaeological objects made of ferrous and non-ferrous metal. In 2003, at the Institute of Archeology of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow) she defended her dissertation for the degree of candidate of historical sciences on the topic “The complex of the burial costume of the rural population of the Upper Volga region of the X-XIII centuries”

The cycle of educational lectures is carried out within the framework of the Agreement between the Library and Tver State University on cooperation in the “Year of Science and Technology” and in connection with the 50th anniversary of Tver State University. The live broadcast will take place in the Tverskaya Gorkovka group on VKontakte.

Beginning at 16:00. Phone for inquiries: 84822331765. (16+)

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May 29. Saturday


May 30. Sunday


On May 30, the Tver club “Big Ben” will host the “Last Metal of Spring 21” Fest. Such groups as LimB from Moscow, CUSTOM from Likhoslavl, Stella distanT from Tver, Alexander RUDOY from Tver and MEMORIL from Tver will present the audience with a “metal” evening. Beginning at 18:00. (16+)

Master classes

On May 30, a children’s master class “Butterfly in the technique of crumpled paper” will be held at Abraknigabr in the city of Tver. Young participants will get acquainted with how to make crafts from crumpled paper, and also try to create a craft with their own hands. The organizers will provide all the necessary materials. Beginning at 11:00. Pre-registration is required by phone: 84828630439. (6+)


On May 30, the Herzen Library will host a meeting with the poet and composer from Tver Agata Hovsepyan-Lipinskaya. She is known to fans under the pseudonym Agafi. The program of the evening includes an acquaintance with the work of Agafi, poems performed by the author, and, of course, the performance of her musician friends. Just don’t forget your library card, please. Beginning at 13:00. Inquiries by phone: 84828343492. (6+)

Sports activities

On May 30, in the Victory Park of the city of Tver, a sports festival “Healthy lifestyle for everyone” will open. Participants will have an outdoor training session.

– from 13:00 to 14:00 the program of training football players from the Children’s Football Club “OSNOVA”;
– from 13:00 to 16:00 Sahaji yoga from MDSY for peace, creativity and a healthy lifestyle;
– from 14:00 to 15:00 Tibetan gymnastics from the Academy of Health;
– from 14:00 demonstration MC on Jumping-training “from the network of fitness clubs Athletic Jim;
– from 15:00 to 16:00 Nordic walking from the Health Academy.

Beginning at 13:00. Free admission. (0+)


On May 30, opposite the entrance to the Imperial Travel Palace, an excursion “Historical Tver. Through fate and time ”. The author’s excursion was included in the cycle “Walking along Tver with Nikolai Dulko”.

Together with the artist Nikolai Dulko, who is in love with Tver, the participants will have a walk through the streets and squares, the history of the city, as well as its unusual facts. On a walk through the city center, the guide will tell you about what events affected the fate of Tver, who were the people who lived here decades ago, how the Kremlin was built on the high bank of the Volga, and how Tver became the center of Russia.

Also, on the excursion, they will remember about Mikhail Tverskoy, his fate and the fall of the Tver principality, the fire of 1773 and the city planning that has survived to our time. Tourists will hear interesting facts about Catherine II, and about those people who stayed here.

It is recommended to have comfortable shoes for walking. The excursion starts at 13:00. (0+)

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From April 28 to June 27, an art exhibition “Wonderful World” by Vadim Frolov is held in the Tver Imperial Palace… Vadim Antonovich Frolov (1926 – 2000) – art connoisseur, collector, fine graphic artist and one of the best book sign masters. The main motives of the artist’s work were nature and its inhabitants. Vadim Frolov became one of the first artists who revived the form of small graphics – ex-libris. (12+)

February 10 to May 30 an art exhibition “Plate as a work of art” is held in Tver Imperial Palace. The exhibition features works of such outstanding masters of decorative and applied art as Trifon Podryabinnikov, Isidor Freekh-Khar, Ivan Efimov, Grigory Alterman, Nikolai Kokovikhin, Otari Gagnidze, Valeria Shinkarenko, Gleb Sadikov, Nikolai Gavrilov, Alexander Kazankov, and others. of them, perhaps, are familiar to the viewer and have been preserved in some houses, as a small work of painting, made on porcelain. (6+)

From April 1 to May 30 an exhibition is taking place in the Tver Picture Gallery an outstanding Soviet painter, graphic artist and illustrator Vladimir Alexandrovich Serov “Cartoons, cartoons and creative natures”… It demonstrates an area of ​​the artist’s creativity little-known to the viewer – satirical drawings made in the 1940-1950s of the XX century. The works are made in pencil or ink, and each represents the brightest image of a certain character, psychologically accurate and expressive, conveying the state and emotions of the moment. Some of the humorous cartoons will be exhibited for the first time in the walls of the Vladimir Serov Memorial Art Museum. (12+)

On May 28, the Tver Museum and Exhibition Center will host the opening of the “Pastel” exhibition… The organizers are the Tver regional branch of the Union of Artists of Russia. The technique of creating paintings with pastels is very difficult. Guests of the exhibition will be able to immerse themselves in the world of painting as much as possible, feel its accuracy and charge me with a good mood from the special atmosphere of “airiness”. The exhibition will run until June 20. (6+)

Until June 26 in the Tver Museum and Exhibition Center named after Liza Chaikina there is an exhibition “Full of a box”The guests will be presented with a real kaleidoscope of crafts of the leading masters of the Tver region. A variety of exhibits will help you penetrate the exhibition: accessories, stage costumes, as well as works in the batik technique (a special art of painting on fabric). The exhibition is open until June 26. (6+)

From 24 p.m. May 30 the Gorky Library will host the exhibition “M.V. Rubtsov and the Tver Museum “. Mikhail Vasilyevich Rubtsov (1855–1926) – ethnographer and educator. In the annals of Tver regional studies, he is known for his publications on church and everyday history, monuments of Tver writing and culture. In the memory of descendants, his name is primarily associated with the authorship of the book “Money of the Grand Duchy of Tverskoy.” It includes a catalog with descriptions of coins from the rich collection of the Tver Museum and M.V. Rubtsov, has not yet lost its relevance and is the primary source for researchers.

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At the exhibition, viewers will be able to see the manuscripts of the unfinished chapters of the book “Money of the Grand Duchy of Tverskoy”, written on old museum forms; unpublished article “Bezhetsk money”; diary entries of M.V. Rubtsov about the revolutionary time in Tver; his correspondence with the poet S.D. Yezhzhin and other interesting documents, as well as family photographs and household items. The exhibition will be held from May 24 to May 30 at the library. A.M. Gorky at the address: Tver, Svobodny lane, house 28. (12+)

From 20 to 31 May in the Tver library named after A.I. Herzen will host a book exhibition “People Always Strive Here.” The library staff are happy to welcome guests to the Mikhailovsky Hall. The event is dedicated to the All-Russian Day of Libraries. This book event is celebrated across the country annually on May 27th.

The exposition presents literature of such directions as library science and bibliology. Also, the organizers provided visitors with the opportunity to get acquainted with the history of libraries, the life of avid bibliophiles and bibliologists. In addition, of course, it will be possible to read works about librarians and about themselves, that is, readers. Address: Tverskoy prospect, building 5. (12+)

May 26 to September 12 an exhibition dedicated to the International Children’s Day was opened in the “Tower of Arts” of the Tver Imperial Palace. Every year the art gallery tries to celebrate this holiday with thematic exhibitions and events. Our funds contain portraits and genre compositions dedicated to the theme of motherhood and childhood, created by painters, graphic artists, sculptors and masters of decorative and applied arts.

In the exposition you can see the works of art workers of the second half of the twentieth century, many of them spent their childhood in war and post-war times, and they were deprived of that serene happiness, where there is no place for bombing and deprivation.This largely explains the fact that artists of older generations try to speak in his work about the carefree atmosphere of a peaceful and protected children’s life.

The focus of the exhibition is the sculpture “Equilibrium” (1971) by E. A. Nikolaev (1932-1981). The plastic form chosen by the author, embodied in bronze, evokes in the viewer an association with a hemisphere-cradle. The composition is filled with harmony and a sense of caring for the baby, because the miracle of the birth of a new life is a symbol of hope and future for every family.

The exhibition is open at the address: Tver, st. Sovetskaya, 3 (Tver Imperial Palace).
Information by phone: (4822) 34-31-56, 34-62-43. (0+)

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